Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms

Cryptocurrency has not only provided the fastest way to transfer money, but also a new company to trade and make money with, in addition to stocks and other commodities. Although you can sell and buy bitcoin directly, you can also use bitcoin trading exchanges to continue your cryptocurrency transactions. There are many exchanges where Bitcoin trading is safe and secure, and customers are facilitated with many advanced services. As a cryptocurrency investor or trader, you can choose one of the exchanges for your convenience. However, it is recommended that you look into the reviews of some before giving up. Below is a brief overview of the top Bitcoin exchanges around the world.

CoinBase: Probably one of the most renowned and largest bitcoin exchanges for dual-service trading directly and through the portfolio. CoinBase was founded in 2012 by finding businesses at Y-Combinator and has grown rapidly since then. It has many lucrative services such as multiple deposit and withdrawal options, cash transfers between two CoinBase are instant, Wallet facilities with multiple signing options for more secure transfers, bitcoin deposits are insured for any loss, etc. CoinBase has a wide variety of payment partners from Europe and the US that seamlessly allow transactions to be made through them. It has relatively low transaction fees and offers bitcoin trading along with a large number of Altcoin trades.

CEX.IO: One of the oldest and most renowned exchanges, launched in 2013, London as an exchange of bitcoin trading and also as a facilitator for cloud mining. Later, its mining power grew so much that it held almost half of its network capacity; however, it is already closed. CEX.IO allows customers to expand to a much larger number of bitcoin transactions and has the ability to immediately provide bitcoin at a stated price. However, for this stock exchange fee a little high exchange rate, but this is offset by the security and the ability to allow a multicurrency transaction (dollars, euros and rubles) to buy bitcoin.

Bitfinex: This is one of the most modern trading exchanges and is especially suitable for experienced cryptocurrency traders. With high liquidity for Ethereum as well as for Bitcoin, this exchange has better options such as funds utilization, margin financing and multiple order trading. In addition, Bitfinex offers features of a custom graphical interface, many types of orders, such as limit, stop, end stop, market, etc. This exchange also provides about 50 currency pairs that can be traded with easy withdrawals for everyone. One of the largest exchanges in terms of volume traded, Bitfinex offers a pseudonym for transactions and only some of the services that require identification. The only downside to this exchange is that it does not support the purchase of bitcoin or other altcoins through Fiat transactions.

Bitstamp: Founded in 2011, it is the oldest of the exchanges that offer cryptocurrencies and bitcoin transactions. Most respected, because even though she is the oldest, she has never been under threat for security and has been hiding lately. Bitstamp currently supports four currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, and is also available with the mobile app, with the exception of the trading website. It has great support for European consumers or merchants who have their own account with Euro banks. Security is also an advanced type of cold storage, which means that coins are stored offline. So you can tell that no hacker can penetrate. Finally, its sophisticated user interface suggests that it is not for the novice user but for the professionals and offers relatively low transaction fees.

Kraken: This is one of the largest bitcoin exchanges in terms of liquidity, volume of cryptocurrency trading in euro and trading data for Canadian dollars, dollars and yen. Kraken is the most respected stock market, managed by the turmoil of cryptocurrency transactions and has managed to keep clients' amounts safe despite the fact that other exchanges have been hacked at the same time. With 14+ cryptocurrency trading facilities, the consumer can deposit fiat as well as cryptocurrency along with similar towing capacity. However, it is not suitable for beginners but still has better security features and lower transaction fees than CoinBase. The most important factor for Kraken is that it trusts the community and is the first to show the volumes and prices of the Bloomberg terminal.

Improve FxDialogue with Mexcel Merchant

Mexcel's trading platform is known to be an effective worker because of its distinctive features that enhance Metatrader 4 in a much more extensive program. All this is the result of the innovations and improvements of FxDialogues in an effort to make their customers comfortable and satisfied. The improvements made the use of metatrader 4 easy in excel compatibility, with the promise of reliability and durability. Mexcel's trading platform is expanding better than the original Meta 4 trader the way it works.

This platform provides easy access to the historical values ​​and prices of Meta treder 4. This is a very important feature of this platform, given the fact that the trader, more often than not, is immediately informed of existing prices and values. which play a major role in the trading process. The feature makes it easy to access information whether prices are high or low at any time if one wants to make some inquiries. Having such a feature has made FxDialogue, a company that can be relied upon for its regular, customer-friendly updates.

While using this platform, there is also a real-time Meta trader 4 price guarantee and even if their technical indicators are displayed on an excel sheet. There is a known factor that allows a trader to make a proper price comparison before trading. As a strong feature, it allowed merchants to be able to work effectively on just one worksheet, since all the necessary information, which is detrimental to the final decision, is easily accessible. Indicator values ​​and prices are more frequently updated depending on market rates at that time. Updates are made in real time on an excel sheet that updates the merchant accordingly. They mainly include many factors among them, which are moving averages at the time mentioned.

The ability to use simple functions to execute and place orders in Meta trader 4 by excel is another feature that is absolutely exceptional with the Mexcel dealer. Generally one does not have to be very responsive to what is changing. One must have a simple knowledge of excel and all these features can be easily used. Several functions can be performed using this platform. For example, it easily provides the user with features that allow him to accept all types of market orders and conditions that most often lead to price movements and metrics.

In addition, features ensure the introduction of a new excel, which always helps the user open and manage positions depending on the criteria he chooses to use. These features, as simple as they may be known, are very important to the trader and thus make the Mexcel dealer the best platform for any trader found.

FxDialogue in its upgrade also ensures that the Mexcel Merchant has the ability to provide streaming accounts to its users from the Meta Merchant to the excel worksheet. The data to be provided are those related to either closed or open positions. There may also be data related to pending orders and account balances. All this information can be provided simultaneously on an excel sheet.

These special features have made trading with the Mexx merchant FxDialogue very convenient, eliminating conventional cumbersome procedures.

How to Understand Crude Oil Futures |

The stock market has traditionally proven to be a fantastic platform for investors to trade in financial instruments, and commodities are also traded through an investment mechanism known as the "future." The future is a financial instrument that an investor uses to take a position where the investor feels that the price of the underlying commodity will move in the future. The futures dealer buys this vehicle with the conviction that the price of the goods will either increase or decrease at a predetermined future date.

Buying in the future is a contract that today locks in the price so that the buyer can acquire the main commodity in the future at today's agreed price, regardless of possible market conditions in the future (the agreed date). There are numerous futures markets globally and the largest markets for oil are the New York Stock Exchange (NYMEX), together with the International Oil Exchange, now known as "ICE".

There is a lot of speculation going on in the futures markets and this could affect the price of crude oil. For example, if traders acquire large quantities of futures at prices higher than the current market price, it will cause oil producers to keep their supply current so that they can then discard it in the new market. higher price – this rapidly reduces the current supply of oil on the market and at the same time raises both the future and the current price of the commodity. Sometimes traders try to "Corner the market" using this well-known technique.

In the 1970s, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) was created in the United States as a government body to regulate speculators and control things so that prices would not go out of control. Gradually, over time, the CFTC gave up much of its regulatory power and market control.

Like any other commodity, crude oil has its own symbol of exchange markers and margins. If an investor / trader has traded a crude oil futures contract, they will see something similar to the checkbox:

CL8K @ 103.45

The text in bold above translates to read "Crude Oil (CL) 2008 (8) May (K) at $ 103.45 / barrel." The value of an oil contract is determined by the current market price multiplied by the contract value. So in this example: $ 103.45 x 1000 barrels of oil = $ 103.450

Reading Forex Bid

Reading a quote on Forex may be confusing at first, but it will eventually become easier as you get used to it. The main challenge you have to deal with is to familiarize yourself with the various terms associated with the quote. Basically, three-letter codes are used to identify and differentiate different currencies around the world.

The purchase of one currency and the sale of another are made simultaneously with each Forex transaction. The two currencies involved in the currency transaction form the currency pair. To identify the current pair, first indicate the base currency, followed by the currency of the quote or counter. A slash will also be found between the two currencies. Two prices will also be published. The first one will be the sale or bid price and the second one will serve as the asking price. Like the currency pair, a slash must be placed between the two prices. Only the last two decimal places will be published when specifying the bid price.

An example of a currency quote is USD / JPY 119.68 / 75. Here the US dollar is the main currency while the quote currency is the Japanese yen. That way, this sample currency quote would indicate how many Japanese yen you would get for selling a unit of your primary currency, which is US dollars. The sale or offer price is set at 119.68 while 119.75 serves as the asking price. In this sample currency quote, the dealer wants to sell one USD for 119.68 Japanese Yen. In the meantime, the dealer is also ready to buy one US dollar for 119.75 Japanese yen.

Other important currency transaction concepts that you should be familiar with are "spread" and "pip". The spread refers to the difference between the sale or bid price and the asking price. The pips are the small 0.01 units. In our example of USD / JPY 119.68 / 75 mentioned earlier, the spread is 7 pips. Small seeds are common among currencies commonly used in trading. The distribution of one pips is also possible due to intense competition. A small spread is also not automatically proportional to losses or gains.

In currency trading, a group of currencies are considered to be 'specialties', namely the US dollar, the Japanese yen, the euro, the pound, the Swiss franc, the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar. Meanwhile, USD / JPY (EUR / JPY), EUR / USD (EUR / USD), GBP / USD (GBP / USD) and USD / CHF (USD / CHF) are the four most actively traded currencies couples. Dealers usually prefer to trade with the help of specialties as these currencies are also highly liquid.

A number of factors, such as the country's economic and political issues, must also be taken into account when understanding currency prices. Issues such as political stability and inflation will have a major impact on currency prices.

Some of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in now for free and secure financial exchange

As a modern form of digital asset, cryptocurrency has gained worldwide recognition for easier and faster financial transactions, and its awareness among people has enabled them to be more interested in the field, thus opening up new and sophisticated ways to make payments. With the increasing demand for this global phenomenon more, new merchants and business owners are now ready to invest in this currency platform, despite its volatile prices, but it is quite difficult to choose the best one when the market is full. In the list of cryptocurrencies, bit coins are some of the oldest and most popular for the last few years. It is mainly used for the trading of goods and services and has become part of the so-called computerized blockchain system, allowing anyone to use it, thus increasing the craze among the public.

Ordinary people who are ready to buy BTC can use an online wallet system to buy them safely in exchange for cash or credit cards and conveniently from thousands of BTC foundations around the world and keep them as assets for the future. Due to their popularity, many corporate investors now accept them as cross-border payments and the rise is unbearable. With the advent of the Internet and mobile devices, gathering information has become quite easy, as a result of which BTC's financial transactions are accessible and priced according to people's choices and preferences, leading to a profitable investment. Recent studies have also shown that volatility is good for BTC exchanges, as there is instability and political turmoil in the country for which banks are suffering, then investing in BTC may certainly be a better option. Again, bit coin transaction fees are a much cheaper and more convenient technology for contracting, thus attracting the crowd. BTC can also be converted to different fiat currencies and used for securities trading, land ownership, document printing, public awards and vice versa.

Another sophisticated blockchain is Ethereumor ETH, which serves much more than the digital form of cryptocurrency, and its popularity over the last few decades has enabled billions of people to hold wallets for them. With the ease of the online world, ETH has enabled retailers and business organizations to take them for business purposes, and thus can serve the future of the financial system. In addition to being open source, ETH supports the collaboration of projects of different companies and industries, thus increasing their usefulness. Again, unlike the bit coin used for exchanging money on a digital network, ETH can also be used for a multitude of applications other than financial transactions and does not require prior authorization from governments for people to use it with their portable devices. The price of Ether has also remained stable and avoids disturbing third parties such as lawyers or notaries, as exchanges are based primarily on software that allows ETH to be the second best cryptocurrency to invest at the moment.

The end of the goods

After college, my first car was a Toyota Corolla hatchback. The engine was a well-designed machine element. I would like to say the same about body panels that have quickly acquired the appearance of rusty Swiss cheese; the holes widen year by year.

Thanks to such episodes, car manufacturers have begun to use galvanized steel – body panels "hot dipped" in a molten corrosion-resistant zinc bath.

But car companies in two of the world's most populous countries did not receive this note. At least not until recently.

The result? A huge bull print on the zinc market at a time when many of the world's leading analysts were least expecting it …

Bloomberg the recent headline "Rising Cars in China to Hold Top Metal Rally of 2016" says it all. As well as the reaction in zinc prices – up to 60% since the beginning of this year.

Only about one-third of the 19 million cars and trucks made in China last year were constructed of galvanized steel.

It is similar to India, where consumers bought a record 2 million vehicles last year; only about 20% is made of galvanized steel, according to the Bombay Institute of Technology.

When you think of vehicle sales forecasts in each country by 2020 (24 million in China, 5 million in India), that's a lot of zinc.

Don't look now, but …

My point is not to run out and buy zinc reserves. It is simple to note that demand for goods is often materialized in ways that no one expects until price rises are too obvious.

Notice what happens to nickel.

The Philippines is a major supplier of crude nickel ore. The new Duterte administration, which took office in the summer, is in the midst of a "review" of three dozen mines or more than mines, threatening to withdraw part of the commission for alleged environmental violations.

This is not exactly "love", but it certainly helps in the case of loving the continued movement of nickel prices. Analysts at UBS Group AG see nickel prices rise another 25% next year (after a 20% gain so far this year).

Of all the major industrial metals, copper is one of the most sought after. The price of red metal has barely moved throughout the year. It's down 50% since 2011.

Yet Japan's largest producer, Pan Pacific Copper, sees its price rise by 40% to about $ 7,000 a tonne by the time 2020 rolls around. Citigroup recently made a similar prediction. Why?

It's all about supply and demand.

Demand for copper remains relatively stable, although economic growth in China – the world's first copper user – has slowed in recent years.

But the supply of honey is another matter altogether.

At the end of last year, Glencore, one of the world's largest miners, decided to install its largest mines in Africa, taking up to 400,000 tonnes of copper production outside the world market. In Chile, the only largest copper supplier in the world, the state copper commission announced major investment cuts by 2025, eliminating eight mine development projects worth nearly $ 23 billion.

You can now see where these copper price forecasts came from. At Citigroup, analysts see a growing shortfall between supply and supply of copper. To the aforementioned Pan Pacific Copper, the company's president said, "Production will not keep up with demand due to lack of new mine supply – unless prices reach $ 7,000 (per tonne)."

With a copper price of under $ 5,000 a tonne right now, this provides a lot of leeway for potential profits – and another reason to keep a close eye on this "most hated" class of goods.

How to Use Stochastic to Improve Your Transactions

Many traders underestimate the efficiency and simplicity of swinging trading using the stochastic oscillator. Stochastic is one of the best indicators for determining when a currency is either redeemed or resold. Using this indicator, you can determine when the trend is about to reverse and take this swing in reverse.

Here's how this strategy works:

As discussed earlier, we simply take advantage of reversing the trend, so that when currencies are overpriced, we sell or go short, and the opposite is true when a currency is resold where we would buy or continue for a long time.

The stochastic oscillator is the perfect indicator for this type of strategy, but before we get into the strategy itself, let's get the technical explanation out of the way. No worries, it's a visual indicator and you really don't need to fully understand the formula. The formula is provided so that you know how the "engine" that drives this oscillator works.

The assumption for this technical indicator is that as the currency approaches the 100% average moving average, a reversal will soon occur. The same is true when the price approaches the average with 0 percent moving midpoint, where the reverse will increase the price.

The indicator is plotted as follows:

This oscillator is made of two lines, the slow line is% D and the fast line is% K.

Because it is slower, the% D line is less sensitive than the% K line.

The% D line is averagely sloped at% K.

The trade signal is coming from line% D.

These lines are drawn on your chart, ranging from 0 at the bottom of the chart to 100 at the top of your chart, indicating the absolute highest and absolute lowest point that the currency can get. In these two lines you will find a line of 80% and a line of 20%. When the price exceeds 80%, it is assumed to be overbought, and when it goes below 20%, it is assumed to be resold.

Now let's trade the alerts:

1. Determine where your support and resistance levels are, as it is important to know.

2. Check how extreme the over-buy or resale move is.

3. Wait for the actual crossover of% K and% D in both your fast stochastic and your slow stochastic for confirmation and enter the trade.

4. Make sure you enter your stops using the resistance and support lines to identify them.

5. Take profits early before the next turn. You can use the following crossover as a "make a profit" signal.

6. This is actually a lesson I learned years ago, don't be disappointed if you leave too early and make less profit than you could have. Keep in mind that you will never lose money by making a profit, no matter how small the profit is.

As you can see, this strategy is very simple, but extremely effective.

Remember to combine the stochastic oscillator with other indicators. The Relative Strength Index and Bollinger bands work extremely well with stochastic.

When you have an easy swing strategy for trading, like the one we discussed, it works because the trade becomes fun, because while you do not stress about implementing your strategy, you are still making big profits!

Advanced Forex Strategies, Part 1 – Tractor of War

TOW's concepts are mainly cross-hedging, pair trading and double opposition records, which use quantitative analysis to develop a profitable trading strategy. TOW is one of the forex hedging strategies that delivers the best results using an automated position opening and closing system based on current market trends and flows. A system is a form of trading that involves price comparisons between two or more markets to capture temporary price differences that arise when markets shift from their "normal" or intrinsic price leveling. This strategy typically uses statistical measures to determine when two highly correlated markets have moved in a price difference other than their historical “average price difference” and may signal a trading opportunity. Once the two markets are defined as statistically 'equalized', the market is considered to be a long position which is considered undervalued while the short position is simultaneously occupied in the market considered to be overvalued compared to the first market. This strategy is combined through price ratios and mathematical relationships between currency pairs that are sufficiently interconnected to create a hedged position as long as prices move in the same direction. A good example is the cross-hedging of the euro and the pound sterling. Although the two currencies are not identical, their price movements are similar enough to be used for hedging. TOW has the potential to make a profit through simple and relatively low-risk positions.

TOW alerts are typically provided by proprietary trading distribution / arbitrage systems that can use multiple time frames, including intraday, daily and weekly bars. Stop loss orders and targets can be completed 24 hours a day. A closer examination of the comparative charts of the price spread should show the existence of short- and medium-term price trends that fluctuate around both sides of their historical average price ratios – which may also be long-term trends.

Trading can be based on the expected price shift to a calculated average price ratio (average reversion), or deals can be undertaken in anticipation of a potential deviation from the calculated average price and to a final price level link (average aversion).

TOW is market neutral, which means that the direction of the overall market does not affect its profit or loss. The goal is to compare two currencies that are highly correlated, trading one debt and the other short when the pair's price ratio differs by 'x' standard deviation number – 'x', is optimized using historical data. If the currency pair returns to the average trend, one or both positions gain.

FOREX Trading Tip – Use Leading Indicators For More Profits Here's how

Many traders like to buy support dips or sell resistance, but this simply ensures that they lose.

This FOREX trading advice is about using leading indicators to confirm the move, not simply assuming that support and resistance will be available.

Let's take a closer look at it.

Buying support and selling resistance.

You hear this advice all the time, but it doesn't make money.

It's based on the old saying "buy low sell high", which is another phrase that won't make you money.

If you buy in support or sell in resistance, the logic is that you will have low risk and high rewards if the levels are valid.

The important word here is "if"

If you are trading FOREX, then you do not want to rely on "if" and hope – you want indicators that will increase your chances of holding those levels and your chances of winning.

If a price is accelerating towards support or resistance, it will break as often as it is in force, so you need to monitor changes in price inertia and that is where leading indicators can help.

Get the odds in your favor

If you want to buy support and sell resistance and get odds in your favor, use the following FOREX tip.

You can use lagging indicators as well as trend lines in currency trading to indicate areas of support and resistance and those we like are:

Bollinger tapes and moving averages.

These indicators, such as trend lines, should NOT be used to enter transactions.

When buying support dips or selling resistance, you want to confirm that the levels will hold – before prices reach those levels, you want to confirm the turn beforehand.

When the price impulse goes beyond support or resistance, you can enter with an increased chance of success.

The best indicator of the time so far is stochastic.

Take a look at it and learn all about it as it is great with the tool used.

Another great indicator is the RSI Relative Strength Index.

Combine both and look for confirmation on both, and you have a powerful combination that you can use to increase your chances of success.

They will warn you in advance of a change in price momentum with support and resistance, and when they turn in your favor, you can enter the trade.

Don't predict with the above.

You are acting on confirmation and this will increase the chances drastically in your favor and increase your overall profitability.

This FOREX tip is obvious, but it's surprising how many traders are just hoping to stay level rather than seek confirmation

Do not make the same mistake, always act on confirmation when trading FOREX.

Are copper prices manipulated?

As copper prices reach higher highs, there is much talk of an individual trader owning 80-90% of the LME delivered copper. Because LME is the largest copper futures market in the world, it has led many investors to believe that the latest rise in copper prices is the result of manipulation or an imminent contraction. LME denied the likelihood of such a short squeeze, since they have a lot of copper on hand in the warehouses.

The expectation of a short squeeze may be a contributing factor to the copper cycle at all times, but a larger factor is the fact that supply is currently exceeding demand of 436,000 tonnes in the last year. This is the result of a strong urbanization trend in both India and China. China began stockpiling copper after prices collapsed in 2008 and remained aggressive buyers in support of their urbanization boom. China builds up to 2 billion square meters of living space annually and consumes approximately 40% of its annual output of concrete, steel and copper. So to say that high copper prices are simply a function of a firm tying the angle on the copper market is definitely not the case.

Many people see copper as a leading price indicator for the world economy (especially in emerging markets), and copper for new and highest achievements shows that construction and economic growth globally must remain strong in 2011.