Confused with all the information on traveling on the Internet?

Many travel information is currently available on the Internet. There are online travel sites for cruises, hotels, air, trains and any other type of travel. But what is the right product for you? Is the hotel location where you want to be? Is the room or cab type right for you? Is it a cruise line that you should book? Not all products are created equally, nor are products suitable for everyone. How do you say that?

There are a few articles, and even the President of the United States, said that travel agencies do not exist or leave. In this way, they are right. Travel agency in the past was just someone who booked a trip for someone who called or came to the office of the travel agent's office. Travel agents in a department store are few and far between today, as most "travel agents" have gone home to work. Even the term "travel agency" is gone because what they are doing now is different from what they did before.

Travel Agents / Travel Consultants

Travel agents are now more advisers and consultants, Professionals or Travel Consultants. Even tourism seeks to escape the term "travel agency". They just book a trip for someone knows more than what is available to the client's client. Passengers are constantly learning, constantly traveling, receiving information from other travel professionals about where they travel and are the source of what is needed to travel for days.

When you use an online travel agency like Expedia, Travelocity, etc., you can not protect someone's back. Book your travel car and then you are quite alone. Let's say your flight is canceled, who reserves a substitute flight? You are, not them. If you are using a travel professional, it will be a professional traveler. If something goes wrong on your way if your booked room is not what you think it will be, who does it right? The travel professional will also constantly check the price drop before the final payment and whether the new promotions offered would be more profitable than what was deposited with the deposit.

A travel professional has been working with you since you talked to him for the first time until you were safe and healthy at home and all problems were solved or solved

It costs more to use a professional traveler

This is not always true. It is true that some travel professionals charge fees, but not all of them do. This is because some retailers, such as airlines and some hotels, do not pay a commission, or some vendors have reduced the amount of commission paid to a travel professional. To meet the goals, some travel professionals charge fees. I miss $ 50 per person for domestic airline booking and $ 100 for booking international air transport. The hotel fee will also be charged for the same reason or if I individually submit the individual parts of the trip together. If I book a cruise or tour, I do not charge a fee because the seller is paying my commission. Do not forget that you are using a travel agency or you do not pay a commission because it is automatically included in the price from the vendor. So why not use travel professionals and avoid difficulties and save time

Traveling rules are constantly changing and travel professionals are able to keep their clients on their way

Examples: Passports

For example, you know you are coming in January 2016 maybe you need a passport for air travel on the domestic market? This is due to the law called REAL ID Act. This requires all passengers to have a REAL ID that includes all the following fields: full legal name, signature, date of birth, gender, unique identification number, home address, and photograph of the applicant's leading photographer. Unfortunately, there are still many countries that are not in line. Do you know which countries are compatible and which are not? Your travel professional is doing it to you. By the way, the totally inappropriate states / territories are American Samoa, Louisiana and New Hampshire. States in Minnesota and New York offer optional enhanced identification at a price, because it is optional, a large percentage of the population does not have one. Some states have requested further enlargements, but it is not clear whether they will be granted. At present, only four states (Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire and New York) and American Samoa are technically unsuitable.

Also, we do not know if the date will be 1 January 2016, or will it be later? Because of this law, the passage time for everyone will be affected. All passports issued in 2006 that meet the Western Hemisphere Travel initiative, which came into force in 2007, will now expire, causing a huge recovery. So, due to these restorations, along with possible REAL ID recovery, we are expecting a further prolongation of the waiting times. Starting on 11 October, the current waiting period is extended by one week to four to six weeks for standard passports and three weeks for speeding. Personally abbreviated may be up to eight days based on traveling needs.

In the end, the REAL ID Act will require all state licensed drivers to include "machine-readable technology" or chips to help us maintain travel safety and security. For more information on the REAL ID Act, visit

This passport is recommended for cruises as well as traveling outside the United States. The reason is, if you need to fly back to the United States from the foreign port you have at your disposal. Just because you are on a cruise ship leaving a US port, you technically travel internationally as soon as you are on board, because most ships are registered outside of the United States!

Example: Visas

A travel professional can help you determine if visas require a way where you want to go. If they do not know for sure, they know where to send you this information and get confirmation that you do or do not need this kind of journey. For example, for most voyages, if you leave the US port and return to the same US port, you probably do not need a visa to visit the ports. This is called a "closed loop". But again, most cruises. Always verify if someone is needed.

Example: Travel Insurance

Again, all travel insurance is not the same. Should you buy travel insurance? Absolutely!!! I recommend my clients not to buy travel insurance for the most part from the vendor of the cruise or product. The reason for coverage is not as complex as third party policies. Travel insurance is not only purchased for delays in travel, baggage loss / damage or protection against cancellation. Some health insurance companies do not cover you when traveling outside the United States. Medicare us. Travel insurance will work as your primary health insurance as you travel from the moment you leave the time you return to your home. It also provides emergency evacuation for health reasons and protects you from other items. Always read the policies and information provided by the travel insurance issuer to find out what's covered. Your travel professional will know who is a good travel insurance issuer.

Source by Elaine M Sklom