Travel Tips – Packing light for a carefree trip

Travel tips in travel books and travel websites often recommend travelers to "wrap the light". In my experience, these sources of travel information do not go far enough. If you are a budget passenger, you definitely can not be the owner of hotels, taxi drivers or other people who will pay you luggage. It is likely that you will be dragging them yourself – through the airport, via subway systems, buses and airport shuttle services and across city streets.

It can not be overestimated that overweight can be the difference between a fantastic, exciting travel experience and an exhausting experience that you can not wait until the end. If your luggage is heavy, you think you will not be able to carry your luggage down one street than the memory and sounds of this exotic environment. My years traveling in Europe, mainly by airplane, train, bus, metro system and on foot, taught me a few things. Ignite your luggage, the lighter your heart.

Travel light does not mean lifting traditional trunks. The trunks themselves provide more weight and the suitcases are hard to wear. I found that holding a large object behind the handle, its weight hanging down at the end of the arm is the fastest way to the shoulder and back pain. Moving light also does not mean that a suitcase with small wheels is pulled out of the bottom. Spend a few minutes watching the tourists trying to keep control of this type of unstable suitcase when they climb and snap to one side and see what I mean.

The travel light does not mean it should be a mostly overpacked backpack. If you do not want to have any serious prospect of wilderness and camping in nature, where you have zero access to the shops, forget about the crowded backpack. Why do you pull a heavy backpack in the London wilderness when there are shops on every corner where you can throw everything you need?

So what should good budget travelers carry and how should they carry them? My advice is that you wear one small backpack in the style of the day. This can be done if you think that before you pack and if you make logical decisions about what you really can and can not live without, and what you have to absolutely deliver to the target versus what you can easily highlight as soon as you arrive .

For example, if you regularly take prescription medication, it is obvious that you will need sufficient supply with you. Keep a spare and keep it on so you do not need panic if your package gets a thief. Make sure you have the prescription yourself to prove that you are actually transporting prescription drugs if you have been stopped by customs or security personnel. It is even better if you have a prescription that carries only the brand name of a medicine but also its chemical name if you need to tell a pharmacist, doctor or customs office in a country where your own language is not spoken.

If you travel to a warm, tropical site, you carry a bottle of sunblock – but buy a bottle that contains the amount you expect for the duration of your journey. Do not move with a large-sized container, two-thirds of which will come back with you. As a rule for all kinds of toilets, carry (or buy on arrival) small pipes, bottles and boxes contain just enough for the trip. Do not move around the weight that you are going back home with, or you just end up with a bottle of tanning cream that boasts neighbors on a medicine cabinet shelf in Tahiti.

If two people travel together, whether they are part of one family or are friends who share a lifetime adventure, take between them only one toilet. Of course, you have separate toothbrushes, but pack only one cloth, such as deodorant and soap, and then share them. Half of the weight of the toilet will be removed simply by not carrying duplicate types of items and believing that such items really contribute to the volume and weight of your luggage.

Ask yourself if you can live without accessories such as cosmetics, perfumes and jewelry. Their combined weight and weight can be added quickly. Try a more natural look on your trip. This saves you time of day as well as saves daily stress on your arm and back muscles. As an extra bonus, the less stylish and shy, the less likely you will be to reach the target of the thief.

Forget about electrical appliances and electronic devices. You can live without a hair dryer or electric razor and save not only the weight of these appliances, but also an extra load of adapters that suit overseas outlets and electric currents. Wear instead a lightweight compact razor or just let your beard grow. You can decide later that it suits you and you decide to keep it! If you plan to fly, do not bother with the razor blades or manicure scissors. They are no longer allowed on airplanes, so they need to be purchased locally if needed and then properly disposed of before you leave home. I always thought it practical to carry a small sewing kit for emergency repairs, but that does not mean a whole set of full-color thread coils. One needle plus one small coil of pale thread and one of the dark threads together in a small bag.

Keep clothes at the absolute minimum. Observe one basic suit that is comfortable, casual and not slightly crumpled. Add some extra light tops and a pair of socks and underwear that can be repeatedly rinsed in hotel rooms. A single sweater or sweatshirt for cool evenings and a thin plastic umbrella poncho and you should be set up.

By attaching one small backpack to a person there are other benefits that you will soon appreciate. You do not have to check bags at the airport and you risk losing them, you do not need to endlessly load and unload trucks at airports or train stations and count your luggage to make sure no one appears and everything is close and easily available. Carrying only one backpack will also look less like rich tourists and then you will have less likelihood of feeling like a pocket or handbag when you move around the city's streets and underground systems. Travel light and you can reduce the load of your muscles and leave you more energy and a greater appetite for true experiences in the wonderful places you are visiting. Travel light and you will probably travel happily.

Source by Barbara Freedman-De Vito