Travel in style

You're a holiday you've been waiting for for a long time. You got your tickets, your passports are up to date. Do not kill the comfort of fashion when you fly into paradise – you can really have both!

What to do? It's really quite easy. Do not just use what you can do in that suitcase, and I hope you have everything you travel in style. We will help you pack a perfect "fashionable" briefcase for your journey into Paradise!

Trip to the airport

Conveniently dress for your trip to the airport, but do not overdo it. Do not let the airport show you, you will have the same negative attention as the "frantic person".

Remember that you have readable security to keep your jewelry simple to avoid alerts being turned off and making long sets of pending issues.

Wear a travel wallet with holes for your ID, passport and ID card. Take your pocket to your place where you can place your jewelry and coins before cleaning.

Remember that your jacket, poncho or overgarmet can be removed, so make sure that what is appropriate is good for others.

Package Basics
Pack a lightweight coat, a white or light colored shirt that fits with many other wardrobes, neutral trousers and a totem.

Make sure that you have a vest for chilled evenings. Pack a versatile dress that you can dress up or down depending on what your plans are. Packaging of both flat sandals and sands with a light heel – the wedges are perfect.

Dressing Room

As charming as you want to look when you explore places and shop in your destination, stilettos is out of the question! Comfortable shoes are a prerequisite for reaching the highest mileage.

You also have to bring jeans or a similar type of pants, day or night jackets, versatile skirts and dresses are great.

Your trip to the beach

Do not overcrow for a week in trĂ³bach
. Just bring the minimum, you will not have much more than in your "hot" tropical position.

Make sure you have a pair of straps of flat or almost flat sandals that you find comfortable for walking and do not mind if they are covered with sand or water. Do not forget your swimsuit or bikini – that's the most important thing.

Sunglasses and tote are also needed. Add a lightweight hat, cotton shirt, hat, denim or similar causal short skirt, shorts and light sweater.

Take a checklist. Do not forget – pack for your destinations, packing simple, but fashion packs. Add accessories and jewelery, and you'll have fun in Paradise!

Source by Sher Matsen