Time for Adventure Travel: Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai is the most populous city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the second largest emirate, based on the size of the capital, Abu Dhabi. It is located on the southeastern coast of the Gulf and is one of the seven emirates that make up the country.

Whenever we hear someone who calls Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is lush shopping centers, lively nightlife. We all know Dubai as a global shopping center and a place that has many attractive places, including Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum, Palm Island, Burj Al Arab and many others. This is one of the best possibilities for visitors who are willing to spend an extraordinary vacation here.

Whether you are planning a trip with family or friends, this beautiful city will never leave a chance to have fun. Have you ever wondered that besides these popular attractions there is another thing that is only here. While you're still thinking about what the other thing we're talking about, tell us about another gem in Dubai. Desert safari. The ride between the vast sand dunes of the Arab Desert will never give you any experience. And not only that, you can even explore the rarest species of wildlife while you are on a Safari excursion. At Desert Safari, there's so much work that you'll love at all times. So while you're packing for your holiday in Dubai, check out the top things you can do in the desert safari that will give you an unforgettable vacation.

1. Dune Bashing: Have you ever imagined that I am choking in a car in the middle of the desert? If it is not, then prepare to dive into the huge sand dunes by taking a marvelous desert safari and seeing some really amazing sights and a goose bump as the vehicle goes through the dunes. There are different types of experiences you can take, choose one of your choice.

2. Camping in the Desert: Most of us have heard and experienced camping usually in the mountains and even in the plains, near the waterfalls etc. But do you ever think you can enjoy your camping stay in the middle of the desert? If not, then do not worry, Dubai's desert safari will give you an excellent experience of the same. Get your friends and go to Dubai soon.

3. Belly Dance: Entertainment is a vital part of our lives and can also double the holiday enjoyment. Another reason why the desert safari is a pleasant experience is the belly dance that you can enjoy while you are here. The best artists in the world are here to have fun and make you move your body and shake your leg with them. Do we have to say more now?

4. Sandy Skiing: Now it's something you would never do anywhere else in the world. Ice skiing is an incredible adventure and so is a sandbox. Discover fun after rolling and skating through the sand dunes of the Arab Desert. Though it's a bit difficult, but it's definitely a unique and amazing practice that will surprise you.

There are plenty of other things to see and enjoy in the desert safari, but you have to book a cheap flight to Dubai early!

Source by Rajni Devi