Travel Guide in Rome

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities you can visit, with its fantastic architecture, glorious artwork and fascinating history.

The Koliseum is one of the most famous buildings in Rome, during the Koliseum during the gladiatorial games and other combat exhibitions held here to amuse the people of Rome, thousands of people and animals died. The Colosseum is a very popular attraction, which means queues can be quite long! To avoid the queues, you can take part in a number of guided tours that also provide some information about the history of the Coliseum. I would recommend you to browse some of these tours online to make room for you.

The Pantheon is another famous building in Rome and was built as a temple for the gods of ancient Rome. One of the main things that makes Pantheon a favorite tourist attraction is its dome, it is one of the largest in the world and the only light coming from the eyepiece (center of the dome). It is a wonderful place that is open every day and is free to enter if you prefer a tour, then it will cost only a few euros.

If you want to know more about Rome, visit the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, this is the most religious site in the world and full of culture. Vatican Museums are also essential because they give you a whole history and a gorgeous tapestry gallery that will leave you standing in amazement over all the details that have gone into these amazing pieces. The Vatican actually offers a tour of the Sistine Chapel Museum and the Vatican Museum, which I would recommend if you do not know the history. Guided tours cost about EUR 30.

If you have some time, then why not visit one of the more relaxed tourist attractions in Greece, the Pasta Museum. The museum is open every day and costs approximately EUR 10 per person.

Source by Sally Rowland