Adventure travel to Wadi Rum

Claire's friends told her that this time goes too far. At age twenty-nine Claire lived a mysterious and tense life as an adventurous traveler. Until this journey, she convinced her friends to come. But friends have begun to fall into a dull routine. Only one friend joined her on previous adventures. This time, Claire visited the solo for the first time. From her window, Amman, Jordan, saw how her eyes could see on Airbus 380, when she had finally arrived at Queen Alia International Airport.

Her friends were afraid of ISIL fanatics near Syria, but Claire would not listen. They declined their fear of the facts: Americans and their allies crushed ISIL here, and Jordan, one of the allies, became safe for tourism. Nevertheless, none of them agreed to go with her, and so they managed to take Emerges Airline flight from London to Amman. The wheels touched the groove with a small jerk, and Claire was not regretted by flying with the friendly crew of the United Arab Emirates airline. However, she felt a little frightened of getting out of the plane, the young, the only British woman, alone in the Arabian Sea. She dressed her fragility after she unloaded her Jordanian baggage and headed for a common airport area. Young Arab man standing and holding a poster of a travel agency she booked. He wore a lily-white thobe, a red-checked keffiyeh and a finely woven agal holding his colorful heads in place. As Claire approached, the man smiled at her and said, "Miss Claire?" It is introduced to Hashem, her guide. Adventure on!

Other tourists, most of them British, other Europeans, Americans and Australians, joined twelve, and Claire felt welcome among them. Hashem drove a small tourist bus that told his guests how he would provide the best hospitality and promised that no one wanted the fun and excitement of his journey to end. The eight-day Middle East adventure began, go, go, go!

Hashem remained in the lobby of the Jordan Tower, while his touring group checked and folded the luggage. Then he brought Claire and the others into a comprehensive Jordan cultural immersion on the souk (markets), where he agreed with various suppliers to show them gold, precious gems and pearls, hand-woven carpets, spotted, tasted, sprit of fine perfume and nobody forced her Claire to buy. If she decided to own something, the Arab dealer quickly closed the deal with a credit card, packaging agreement, and a promise to speed up her purchase to come the day after she returned to London.

The tempo slowed, and the mood changed to relax as the sun blushed and fell, the gas lamps washed through the streets and houses in the soft red-brown, and Claire heard for the first time the Muslim call to prayer, a terribly beautiful song. Hashem apologized when he took the prayer rug to join the believers in praying to God, something he did five times a day.

After one night and a blow in Amman, Claire and others were taken to three ancient lands in the ancient city of Rovers, in the ancient city of Geras, located in the modern city of Jerash, northwest of Amman, near southern Syria and the West Bank of Israel. Claire and the others talked like birds as they walked along old Roman streets to see and photograph pillows, works of art, and remains of buildings built sometime after 63 BC. The local guide filled tourists with fascinating facts while visually absorbing the secrets of all ages. After six hours, Hashem drove his Land Rover caravan southwest to the original Dead Sea.

While it seemed to be just a photographic opportunity, Hashem placed them in a remote Dead Sea resort, where everyone was given special attention to food and drink when they watched a few giant storms flying far away. Once again, the local historian has entertained adventurers with stories about what has happened long ago. Many stories have completed biblical accounts. The group left early the following morning to go to a destination in Jordan, the ancient Arab city of Petra. Everyone in the tour group commented on how they were impressed by Petra, first seen as setting the last part of 1981: Raiders of the Lost Ark. The band repeatedly found hidden places inside and around the front of an ancient building carved into the mountains, which they remembered as setting up actor Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones). While conducting a tour of Hashem, the other Land Riders built a camp for the night. Claire camped beneath the desert sky in the desert!

An unforgettable experience, but the taste of the adventure that comes, sank into the memories of adventure travelers, people who want to drink life in sludge! The following day, he led his expedition to Wadi Rum, located far south of the Jordan, near the border with Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea port of Aqaba. Wadi Rum, the 1968 movie Lawrence of Arabia, Red Planet in 2000, Prometheus in 2012, Martian in 2015 and Rogue one in 2016, promised to be the pinnacle of the trip. In Wadi Rum, the combined income from film production and tourism was eased by a normally nomad Bedouin tribe who settled there permanently. Bedouin has hosted Claire and other tourists in Hashem. They housed two traditional tents, authentic Bedouin dishes, and facilitated hikes, mountaineering, camel rides and even ballooning! Wadi Rum, the gateway to travelers for thousands of years, filled with unforgettable videos. Many rock formations of scattered and etched rock drawings that long ago preceded the cave.

As predicted by Hashem, Claire and her classmates reluctantly left Wadi Rum for returning to Amman, where the final night spent a lasting appreciation for the culture of Jordan. At the airport, young Hashem had said goodbye to each of them, just as he greeted: with a wide smile and a short bow. When she was waiting for Emirates to leave her pit, Claire sent a message to her best friend. "I'm going home Tell the others I'll have a party to celebrate my time on Mars, where was the strength with me when I was on a camel!" # TAG1writer.

Source by Tony A Grayson