Traveling to London – Get the best tips

A short hop over a pond is what they say when Americans want to travel to London. It's actually the average length of a trip across the Atlantic Ocean to London, a city rich in history with plenty of historical sights and cultural sites where you can sip. Rich music with a thriving tradition, London is a great holiday full of shopping and shopping venues that enchants every visitor.

London is renamed the capital of England's business, politics and business. Busy central poets, musicians, writers and scientists, London has been the center of discovery and creativity for many years. During the visit, no itinerary is completed without a "literary walking tour" by a popular walk between the old Wordsworth or the Bloomsbury Virginia Woolf. Guides and tour operators offer these and other cultural trips as part of any London holiday.

The theater is another essential part of London's nightlife with a variety of shows every night from the well-known Shakespeare's Globe Theater, which sits on the banks of the Thames to the Queen Theater & the so-called Soho Theaters that play some of the longest running of history. Tickets are cheap and easy to access in one of the many locations in Leicester Square. The shows are scheduled to be suitable for most visitors & schedules so you can see what you want almost anytime.

The architecture of London is as diverse as the historic one with British tradition in the forefront of maritime and colonial hegemony for centuries. A typical London holiday will include honors to kings and queens, rich in the history of battle and war generals, as well as inspiring British leaders. There are all kinds of history, including buildings that are far from the center of the city, features that have been bombed during the Blitz, a historical reminder of the battles of the past.

Public transport is offered to the visitor and during the day Metro is a very popular form of travel for holidaymakers because it is so fast and easy. Double-decker buses are still extremely popular, running often and cheaply around London, so visitors can take photos and take the city's topography.

New York, Paris and Tokyo in London have nothing to do with the social scene with live music, countless clubs, pubs and restaurants for every taste and preference. During your stay in London, you will be treated to nightlife, which is the heart of the city, which consists of clubs from the northern Camden district to the South of Brixton and Clapham.

Many people feel that culinary offerings in London are less than stellar, but this reputation is totally undeserved. Thousands of restaurants and experiments with culinary specialties offered by London's finest restaurants are both tasty and satisfying, so most visitors wish they could stay longer to explore more. London is not only fun, rich history and art, but also a diverse city of very good restaurants and dishes for the most demanding palette.

Source by Pierre Smith