How to travel for free? 10 tips to make the trip cheaper

Do you love traveling, do you want to spend an unforgettable vacation, but you do not have enough money? This article provides tips on how to organize your trip so that you can explore the most interesting places and save money on the other.

1. Home Exchange

This solution allows you to travel around the world. There are many home exchange sites such as: "", "", where you can easily find people who want to change their house with your vacation. It is recommended especially for large families.

2. Free accommodation

There are also many websites on the internet where people offer free accommodation, meals, joint tours, etc. The rule is simple: I host you in my country and you can pay me the same – it's fair! If you are interested in this form of cooperation, visit: "" or "".

3. Work on accommodation

This solution is preferred by students because it is a good way to make money on the move. However, you should keep in mind that this type of activity is usually exhausting and is limited to the countryside where there are companies that offer seasonal work. And there will not be much time to explore the country …

4. Stan

Universal and ever popular among globetrotters around the world. It gives you full mobility, allows you to save a lot of money and ensures that no matter what happens during your trip, you will not be homeless. Sleeping in the tent is also a great opportunity to meet (in some camps) with other travelers and friends. It is always good to first get some information about the rules you are waiting for in the country you want to visit. In Sweden, for example, he gets the so-called "Allemansratten", which allows tourists to install a tent for one day anywhere, free of charge.

5. Hiking-hiking

Easy and often fun way of traveling for free. Yet you should choose, you should consider whether in the country you want to explore is common that the passengers take the passengers. For example, you can travel freely in Italy, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Portugal, former Yugoslav countries or Asia. But in France, Germany or Austria – forget it. Do not forget the trip itself. It is safer to travel at least in a couple. The best solution for tourists on the routes is traveling with truck drivers. Always have CB radio access, so you can easily arrange another car that goes to the destination.

6. Free sightseeing days

Every known museum has its own special days, which are free to explore. If you plan your trip carefully, check all the opportunities on the internet before, you can take advantage of these opportunities and arrange a wonderful, cultural trip – absolutely free.

7. Cheap flights

Today is probably the most popular form of travel. You have to check them systematically (it changes all the time) and hunt the most suitable and profitable for you (the Internet – again). With low-cost airlines, you can travel to many countries in Europe, Africa or Asia and save money on entertainment.

8. Free Points

A good way to save money and try a new, usually exotic meal. Many large cities, especially at festivals or other celebrations, provide special places for participants free of charge. These stations are usually organized by religious groups (as believers Hare Krishna). Food is great!

9. Voluntary

A recommended solution mainly for students with an open mind (because this type of journey lasts at least 2-3 months), willing to face a completely different culture and do something good, not just to watch the sights. There are currently many organizations that volunteers are recruiting and working in remote, undeveloped countries. The main purpose of this type of travel is to help every way: to teach children, build schools, hospitals and homes, horticulture, water network deployment, and much, much more. For anyone who chooses this option, it will surely be an insurmountable, precious experience that allows you to come closer to the local community, live like these people, and reorganize your own value system.

10. Roadshow tours

If you're willing to see many interesting places in a short time, it's up to you. It is not as exhausting as the other options outlined in this article. For example, railways in most European countries provide special tickets for a one-week trip to all the major European capitals. Discounts for students are usually available.

Source by Kamila Kaczmarczyk