The most visited Torres Del Paine excursions from Puerto Natales

One can travel to Torres Del Paine from many places like Punta Arenas, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, El Calafate, El Chalten and Puerto Natales. The last is the first choice for people who contemplate and exciting tour of Torres Del Paine. It's also the closest, and you have to travel about 3 hours to get to the park entrance. Once you have the opportunity for various hiking trips such as the famous and popular W circuit or extended circuit around the park.

Most tourists arriving from locations as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Canada, have decided to explore the W Circuit in a matter of days. It is a challenging but blissful experience scattered by walks along natural paths, kayaking and horse riding. Covering the whole territory on foot is a good idea, but the best Torres del Paine trekking trips have experience enjoying a kayak ride for half a day at Glacier Gray from Refugio Gray and continues to the face of Gray Glacier. Another exciting choice is to choose a kayak trip from Rio Gray to Rio Serrano. This kayak trip can be as short as one day, or if one is so inclined, it's possible to spend days exploring the various tributaries of Rio Serrano and then arriving at Last Hope Sound. The tributaries of Geike and Tyndall are quite touching, demanding and exciting.

Coverage of the W Walk is a good idea, but if it's challenging, then it can be one of Torres Del Paine's best experiences on horseback. It is possible to rent horses and ride three days along the wetland route and the Paine Massif. Another option is Glacier Ride at Glacier Dickson, a camp at night and a great horseback ride. Equally attractive is the Gauchos trail, which leads you to glaciers in beautiful wooded areas, a trip you remember. If you want to mix luxury with horse riding, then it is possible to hide sections in one day and rest your sore body in the spa and comfortably bed for the nights in the hotels.

An alternative way to explore Torres Del Paine finds a mountain bike and explore the Carretas footpath and pedal around Laguna Azul, explore the Milodonian Cave and explore the Oggioni Pass.

One of the best and most popular ways to enjoy Torres Del Paine is less explored on foot. Trekking in the Bader Valley is another experience because the trail takes one on the back of the tower and one can see it from another angle. This and the Forgotten Valley Trek should be on a short list of trekkers who want to do more than just watch a trace.

The route is more or less the same. How one decides to explore it is different and exciting.

Source by Pamela Johnson