Parisian guide

Paris is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world and with good reason. It is cracked with beautiful architecture, beautiful restaurants and intimate boutique hotels. All this combination makes Paris the perfect place for a romantic holiday.

The most popular tourist attraction in Paris is the Eiffel Tower, costs about EUR 8 per person and lifts run until midnight, giving people a chance to see the lights in Paris. The Eiffel Tower is also one of the most popular romantic attractions that many people suggest to their partners while enjoying breathtaking views or eating in one of the two restaurants in the Eiffel Tower. The first-floor restaurant, 58 Tour Eiffel, is very family-friendly in the day but comes in the evenings and is converted into a bra while on the second floor Le Jules Verne offers elegant French cuisine.

Another interesting place to visit is the Louvre, whether it is a stunning architecture that is the Louvre pyramid. However, the Louvre offers much more, including Monna Lisa's most famous workshops on Leonardo da Vinci's wedding party at Veronese in Canu. There are plenty of trips that will give you basic insights into all artworks, though if you are looking for something else, why not try a trip to Da Vinci in the Louvre? This is great for people who have read the book and want to see art close to find hidden meanings for themselves.

One of the best things to do in the evening is to go to Le Moulin Rouge, this is one of the most famous performances in the world and provides great fun! If you prefer a lighter evening, why not try a night cruise on the Seine River, it is one of Paris's most romantic tours, giving you the opportunity to see some of the great sights at night, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Source by Sally Rowland