8 great tips on how to avoid difficulties while traveling

One of the best places to travel is to taste and enjoy all kinds of new and tasty dishes, whether you are going through the state or flying around the world. And no doubt it's fun that you run a bit and eat things you normally will not eat during the week at home, that's part of the freedom and excitement that you are on vacation!

But we all know the feeling when we've had too much time behind: a complete lack of energy, flatulence, dehydration, headaches or hangover, a significant delay in driving, increased susceptibility to illness. All these things can really prevent you from maximizing your journey experience. And if you are someone with food restriction, you know that other frustrations in finding a good meal will be good for you too!

The great news is that it is easier than ever to make choices of food that will keep you healthy and energetic even if you do not get the usual routine. Here are some simple ways to eat great when you take in the best moments of your trip:

  1. Plan ahead. Often when we travel, we are accustomed to and do not eat regularly. Sometimes we can go for a few hours without reducing anything.

    Unlike the popular myth that you should keep food to "save the room" for big meals, go for long stretches without eating, slow down the metabolism and cause your body to become slow and tired and hang on calories. Our bodies experience these periods as "mini-starvation" and send our brains into panic mode. To maintain a stable blood sugar level and avoid energy loss (which can result in overcompensation with foods high in sugar or fried), try to eat a few hours in transit, a form of foods that are nutrient-dense and high in poor protein. Snacks with snacks for easy access: nuts, seeds, boiled eggs, solid fruits (like apples), vegetarians and hummus or natural fruit and nut chopsticks.

    If you know where you live, you will find that you have been looking for restaurants in the vicinity of your hotel. Check with your hotel or resort to see the menu and find out what's available. Once you arrive, you can use the application as AroundMe to find healthy restaurants in your area. And look at these smart phone apps to help you find ways to find medication without gluten and other allergens.

  2. Do not forget about the grocery store! Supermarket, and especially local co-operation, may be your best ally when traveling. You will have easy, inexpensive access to fresh produce and healthy snacks. You will find a wider range of great foods that are free of gluten, dairy products and other common allergens at a reasonable price. In addition, many co-ops also have deli where you can enjoy tasty sandwiches, salads or wraps to be taken during the day.
  3. Your mother was right: ask your greens and take your vitamins. While traveling, your immune system is exposed to many tons of new pathogens – especially in aircraft and other mass transportation. You want to make sure your body has what it needs to stay healthy, fight against germs, and process toxins. Do not forget to pack your vitamin and other supplements! If you can not get access to fresh greens, consider getting some green powders that you can bring with them and easily mix them into a glass of water or in the morning.
  4. When we're talking about morning smoothies … if you're really determined to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, you can even consider how to bring a travel mixer. This may seem extreme for some, but consider: most of them are under $ 20, can easily fit into the trunk or on the back of the car and it can only be a matter of making a quick breakfast of fruit, nuts and vegetables that will make you continue in the morning.
  5. Drink more water than usual. Airplanes and hotel rooms are notoriously dry. Walking all day consumes energy and dehydrates. People often drink alcohol or soda with a diet that is also dehydrated. Drinking more than your usual 8 glasses of water per day keeps you energized, moisturizes your cells, keeps your skin shining and helps to rinse toxins.
  6. Drink less alcohol than everyone drinks around you. This can be challenging especially on business trips, where drinking is a known entertainment. But besides worsening dehydration and jet lag, throwing back more than two drinks leads to more unhealthy eating. (A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that men receive an average of 433 calories from alcohol and food when consuming more than two drinks!)
  7. Resting beauty. Simply put, before I did, I know! But getting a decent rest helps to soothe your metabolism, nullifying your adrenal gland and increasing immunity. Being sufficiently relaxed, you make any further choice with which your vacation is made much easier.
  8. Try the "one and done" rule. Enjoy excursions and enjoy them – just once a day. Get that wonderful piece of chocolate cake. Take extra fries. Order what is happily blurred with butter and love every bite. And then he did less than a healthy meal for that day. It's always more.

But you decide to plan a meal on your way, we'll be happy to help you get there! As a travel agent, we can offer you insider tips on transport, accommodation and entertainment, and much more.

Source by Burton L Robertson