Do I Need Travel Insurance?

In United States health insurance, unlike many other countries, you will find dozens of Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. Hundreds of regular commercial insurance and many other health insurance plans such as managed care plans – HMOs, PPOs and PPG. For some travelers, they may have Medicaid, and for those over 65 years they have Medicare. All these different types of plans have many different benefits, costs, deductions, exclusions and limitations.

So think about and make sure your current health policy pays off before thinking. Of course, you can pay up to 100% of the cost of emergency medical care if you are outside the country, without any deductions or copies.

When it comes to caring for non-allergic care abroad, you may be able to apply it, but you will probably need to call your insurance company or HMO in the United States for all treatments that need to be approved.

Check with your health plan before leaving home because a lack of permission from HMO or an insurance company may mean you will not be reimbursed if you later claim.

If your health insurance does not cover your health costs abroad, or if you have no cover, then you should consider purchasing a travel health insurance policy.

While your current health insurance will pay doctors and hospitals bills when you are out of the country, you may want to purchase travel insurance to gain other important benefits, such as air travel coverage for ambulances and passenger transport. payment for medical payment on site.

For some specific diseases, such as diabetes, COPD, epilepsy, etc., When you travel, it may not be covered, so make sure that you first talked to your health insurance company before you travel and then see what you are up to covered.

When my father travels, he has travel insurance, not health insurance, but only in case he falls ill and could not travel while he was traveling. In this way, he can recover his money.

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Travel Insurance – Cancellation and Health Insurance

Most people don't really know what they're looking for in travel insurance, they just want something to take care of if they can't go on a trip or if something happens to them during the trip. [19659002] The simplest types of travel insurance are travel cancellation and medical travel policies

Cancellation insurance allows passengers to cancel their last minute journey without paying all the money they paid for the trip. Health insurance provides coverage when you travel abroad. Other plans cover emergency evacuation, loss of luggage, some kind of travel delays

Plans no traveler wants to think about: covering kidnapping and ransom, accidental death and breakage

What is the cost of travel insurance? Say you're 40-year-old on a month trip. If you wanted a $ 100,000 health insurance with $ 250 deductible, the premium would be about $ 100. If you cancel a trip that does not require a deduction, you would pay a premium of approx. $ 100 for a trip that costs you $ 3000. If you plan to spend $ 5,000 on your trip, the premium would be about $ 168.

Given the world situation, you may want to add coverage to war and terrorism.

Choosing a travel insurance purchase depends a lot on what person you are and where you are going to go.

People under 50 are most likely to buy medical care. insurance. Usually older travelers buy travel cancellation plans

For example, in Europe you do not need travel insurance where the quality of health care is in the United States. However, some of these policies, such as emergency evacuation, might be appropriate for certain types of travel

When you decide to travel, you will have the chance of lost luggage, flight cancellation, cancellation, theft and many more. situations that can cause anxiety

When planning a vacation, it is quite stressful without having to worry about something that is terribly bad on holiday. Buying travel insurance will ensure that you are compensated if something happens on your vacation.

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Short introduction to travel insurance

What is Travel Insurance

In general, travel insurance protects all vacation costs from adverse events, such as cancellation and interruption, and also covers the cost of treatment, loss or damage to property and delays due to transit. Passengers are compensated, if they have to cancel or interrupt their journey, they will also be covered if there is emergency medical treatment, medical evacuation and other situations.

Travel Insurance Categories:

1. Delays and cancellations – including shortening

Cancellation: Payment becomes effective when passengers have booked and paid for their vacation but are unable to board due to personal illness or injury, death (person or family member), adverse weather conditions, airline strikes , terrorism, bankruptcy, sudden employment, jury duty or serious damage to their homes causing them to be uninhabitable due to fire or flood.

Interruption: Insurance companies pay policyholders to foreign policyholders if they have to shorten their travel due to illness, death (passenger or family member), terrorism, weather, airline strikes, bankruptcy, sudden unemployment and more. unfavorable conditions, which mean that, due to events outside the control of the holidaymakers, the journey must be limited.

Delay: This pays the cost of the hotel, food or clothing to passengers in the event of a flight delay. Some plans also cover the cost of catching up with a cruise if further delays would cause passengers to skip boarding.

2. Health & Medical

Medical Evacuation: This provides emergency transportation to a local hospital if the passenger cannot get there alone or back to the hospital near the passenger's home. If the same policy applies to family members, they can also return home
Health and health reasons: Reimbursement of medical and emergency care costs. Almost all travel insurance plans work by paying passengers for treatment. The complaint is usually paid within 7 – 10 days. The foregoing conditions are covered by most policies if the policy is purchased within (up to) 21 days from the date the passenger made the first payment or deposit.

3. Passenger Death:

Air Accident – This applies only to death or breakage during flight. It usually provides the highest coverage due to the relatively low probability of this happening.
Joint Carrier – Includes death or dismantling when traveling on public transport such as airplane, ferry, train bus or taxi.
Random Death – covers death or disassembly at any time during the trip. It usually provides the lowest coverage rate due to higher risk

4. Personal effects: Loss or damage

-Rental Damage to the vehicle – compensates passengers for damage or loss of rental car. It is designed to allow the passenger to reduce the coverage of collision damage (CDW) offered by car rental companies. Liability coverage should still be purchased through a car rental company. Car rental damage coverage is also often part of a credit card used to pay for a car hire that is often matched by coverage provided in politics.

-Loss of costs – pays lost, stolen, or damaged personal items to passengers. This coverage is usually limited to the duration of the journey and is not limited to baggage damaged or lost by the airline. There are two policy limits, total claim and maximum number of items. Some policies also place orders on the type of eligible items – such as gems, notebooks, and sporting goods.

-Assistance Services – Provides 24 hours a day to collect phone counseling and passenger assistance services. This service can be used whenever a passenger needs advice. Make sure you are not leaving your home without it and copying it to several places


Travel insurance is one of the products in the modern world with insurance installed, which is indeed necessary. You will not regret taking it because uninsurance for your travel disaster is a source of great regret for too many holidaymakers every year.

Don't leave home without a toothbrush, a clean handkerchief, a bar of fine soap and travel insurance! />

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Books in Australia – Five Novels Read Before You

A trip to Australia is one that offers endless diversity – you can spend your party time in Sydney, go on an adventurous trip to Outback, or dive into the many wineries offered by several Australian states. Australia is a big country, and if you don't have months to spend there, you'll have to make some decisions on how best to spend time. To help you, here are some books in Australia – five novels depicting various aspects of Australian life and history

The Secret River & # 39; by Kate Grenville

The story of the beginning of Australia, William Thornbill and his wife Sal are sent from London to the nascent colony of New South Wales in the early 19th century. After some time in Sydney (very different from today's Sydney!) They decide to try their luck on some land Will watched along the Hawkesbury River. The challenges they face in their neighborhood, local natives and settlers remind us of how cruel the country was for those who decided to become their home. There are some wonderful descriptions of the landscape as seen by an outsider, and books give warts and everyone & # 39; view of the impact of the agreement on indigenous natives.

a city like Alice & # 39; Neville Shute

While the first part of this novel takes place in the Malaysian jungle during World War II, there is a story that will bring you to the rough country of Australia. If you want to know what life was like in a small hinterland (more villages) in the '40s and' 50s, then this novel gives you a good idea. You are subordinate to the roughness of the landscape and the incredible distances as Jean Paget, an Englishwoman, sets out for the heart of Australia to find the man she met while being captured by the Japanese in Malaysia. Language and attitudes, especially in relation to Australian natives, are true to their time and should be as such. But it gives a good signal of the reality of life in rural Australia, which is still a strong cultural influence on Australians today. “

Breath & # 39; by Tim Winton

From Desert to Sea Now in this novel one of Australia's most respected writers. This novel takes place in the southwestern corner of Australia, at a time when the area was more of a home to the mining industry than to the tourists and vineyards of today. Above all, it is the story of Bruce's adolescence, which takes place mainly in the 1970s and tries to overcome the boring life in the country with some high-risk activities – such as surfing on dangerous and deadly coastal areas. dark friendship with older woman. As Bruce begins to grow, both emotionally and sexually, we are treated to some of the most poetic and exciting descriptions you will ever find in the "religion" that is surfing. And you will also feel like you are exploring the rough and beautiful coastline of this part of the country.

Bad Debts & # 39; by Peter Temple

Peter Temple is one of Australia's leading crime writers and this novel is our introduction to his hero Jack Irish. – Inner-city Melbourne attorney with love of Australian football rules, gambling, and part-time wardrobe-making. This is Melbourne in the winter, complete with rain, pubs and shady underworld. The Irish were barely sober for several years after one of his risky clients murdered his wife and Danny, another former client, needed his help. However, when Danny is killed, the Irish find that there is a lot of political elite in the city who wants the past to remain undisturbed and determined to get to the truth. Temple novels don't have to give you "sun and sand", but you will treat them just like the original Australian vocabulary and urban subculture you can handle

Summerland & # 39; From Malcolm Knox

And finally to Sydney, and the novel that explores the city's life is rich. Four young Sydneysiders have been friends since they were teenagers, and living around the northern beaches of the city have a world at their feet. They form two couples and spend every Christmas in Palm Beach, a favorite vacation spot for the rich. But despite all this, their friendship is based on lies, as Richard discovers when he learns of a long-term relationship between his wife and his best friend. If you want to look into the living life of those few privileged in Sydney, then this novel will take you there

These novels are just the tastes of many of the books that take place in Australia, but it's worth reading at the head – for your trips or for aircraft. Dive into a novel about where you are going to not only give you a glimpse of the place itself, but it will encourage your appetite for your journeys, which is much more fun once you get there.

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Basic Travel Equipment for Overseas Travel

While traveling abroad is undeniably fun, it's never easy.

Ask any experienced traveler and find that encountering difficulties is sometimes inevitable. However, many of these travel-related problems can be preceded by adequate planning and preparation. Using the right accessories is for the most part a secret for a comfortable journey.

Here is a list of the basic equipment you should have when preparing for a trip outside the country:

Travel Bag

First of all, you need a sturdy travel bag. Carrying your loved ones from place to place will be much easier because you will have permanent luggage. The bag should also be spacious enough to accommodate all your things like clothes, shoes, gadgets and everything else.

Travel Adapter

Speaking of gadgets, it's important that you have your own travel adapter. Buying one of the airports could cost you a lot of money, so it makes sense to buy it again. Keep in mind that countries have different plug configurations and don't really want to be surprised. Charging your laptop, smartphone, and camera batteries may not be a problem.

Travel Wallet

Keeping your money and cards is your personal responsibility. With a good travel wallet, you can keep them all in one place. Also, some travelers make it a place to carry a wallet that includes card expired and little money. You can give it to the mugger if you meet one, saving the real wallet in the process.

Toilet Bag Personal care may not be sacrificed, even if you are away from your bathroom. In addition, a small travel kit is very easy to bring wherever you are. It's actually practical to go for shampoo for travel, soap, toothpaste, deodorant and other common place you buy on the market. You will only be away for a few days and this way will save you some money.

Other Needs In addition to the accessories listed above, you may also need a luggage lock to keep your belongings safe. A travel cushion can be useful if you want to have a comfortable rest while traveling by plane. A decent camera bag is essential if you carry a DSLR camera together. Do you want to find more similar luggage at sea like luggage? Travel labels can be a good tool to help you identify your bag effectively.

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How to travel with family and children

Family Stay Planning is one of the best things in life. You will be able to spend quality time with your husband and children. And in a few years, this journey will become one of the best memories of your life. However, planning such a trip can be a little more complicated, especially when you have a baby with you. It will take a little more effort to plan this trip because you would like to make sure that your family is safe across the way. Here are some ways to do this.

Book a comfortable stay

When traveling with family and children, it is important to make sure your accommodation is comfortable. Children have their own needs, and after a full day tour they would like to come across a comfortable bed. So make sure that no matter what hotel you book, it can give you a pleasant stay. If you are thinking about costs, try searching for the cheapest travel agencies so they can offer you the best available. This way you won't have to spend a lot of time searching for comfortable and affordable accommodation by yourself.

Plan Your Trips

Kids love to go sightseeing trips, so planning them in advance will be the best way to make sure you have the hassle free. For example, if you are going on a safari trip, then make sure that the security measures are good and the kids will be safe while they are trying to get a good look at the animals. On the other hand, if you are near a water body, make sure that the place has lifeguards who are always on guard.

Look at Medical Emergency

Children are sensitive and can catch colds or allergies faster than you or your husband. So in that case, you need a doctor who will take care of them immediately. Just make sure that your hotel has a medical emergency and is always on the alert. If you are going to stay in the camp, make sure that emergency measures can be taken quickly. However, as a preventive step, it would be better for your children to be vaccinated beforehand against the kind of diseases they could catch during the trip.

These are some of the ways you can make sure your family has a good time while staying safe. In addition to these, be sure to take the camera together and click on a bunch of pictures of your kids to play on the beach and make sand castles.

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Travel Writing – Third Person Enrollment

If you are writing travel articles than considering what is best, you can get the maximum opportunity to get your articles. One of the tips to consider is whether to write in the first or third person

There are some smart and popular travel writers, definitely. Some of them are household names. Others are new and inspiring. These people easily recognize the first person. They say "I did it" or "I did it." Their articles have a high standard

However, it can be difficult to write in this way, and especially if you are not established, it can be difficult for the reader to contact you. Frankly, people don't always want to know what you did, what you ate and where you went. After all, your article is not an autobiography. It's a travel article

People feel more comfortable talking and writing in a third person (unless they know you or you don't know about you). So you would say "go on the western class" rather than "continue the western class" and "try the duck in the wine sauce" rather than "I had the duck in the wine sauce".

A guide, plan and opportunity to freely embrace your travel plans and experiences on the facts you can supply. You don't ask them to live a typical day in your travel itinerary

Let your readers experience travel information that you have in an objective and substantive way. Write a third person, not the first person.

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Women Travel Solo: How To Find Your Next Destination

Many women travel solo or alone today. One of the dilemmas they may face is finding another destination to get to. For those who love traveling, the process of finding the next stop could be the one that takes the most time. It may take some time before you decide where to go, especially when people seem to be almost everywhere. There are actually plenty of destinations to go to, both local spots and international.

There are several things to consider when looking for a place to go when traveling. When women travel solo, it may be important to look for a place that is friendly to women. You don't have to, because I know many women who go anywhere but are more experienced. You better not start there. There are places that may not be as open to women who travel alone, so it would be best to do some basic research at first. It pays to have detailed information about the different places where women would like to go in order to narrow the elections. This can help to have a list of destinations that a passenger would like to go.

Other things that women travel solo should take into account the budget. There are people who can only have a limited budget, so international destinations could already be excluded. This would limit the traveler to local destinations (or closer to international locations). There is no need to worry, because there must be great destinations in every country. Another thing to consider is the length of stay. There are destinations that can be more favorable only for a few days, while there are also destinations that require travelers to stay for longer. Women traveling solo should do their research work in advance.

There are people who may want to browse travel magazines or websites to check which places would become their imagination. They usually have great designs for other destinations and they could even give passengers an idea of ​​how much the whole trip would cost. This could then help passengers control their funds. They will be able to prepare for the trip if they know more or less how much they will spend the whole trip. It is better to be ready and to have a basis when it comes to how many will be sent than to go to a place and have no money at all.

Is there a question, what culture would you like to see? Learn about it and see if you're really interested.

To summarize everything when women travel alone, one has to consider: budget, goal, culture, and time. There are goals that would be great to go for at certain times of the year, especially at times for festivals. It helps to do some research first, because it would help the traveler to prepare and check if the way for it is worth it. Choosing another destination requires preparation to make everything smooth. Routes can also be prepared so that everything is set up and nothing is missed.

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