Traveling with your cat

Whether it's a car, a train, an airplane or a boat, it's not always easy to travel with a cat. It is always necessary to arrange some things in advance – tickets, adequate breeding station, soothing and water – to ensure maximum comfort and avoid any irregular disappearance during many hours of traveling …

The cat shows the week ends in a family cottage, or a great vacation … For a civilized conversation, occasions to travel rarely omit. A dignified master who describes being called, will always plan to have his animal experience transport under the best conditions. Some animals get acquainted with transportation from one place to another at a young age, and they take the situation perfectly, but others are struggling with this.

If the owner of a cat intends to stay in a hotel, he must not forget to check if his pet is accepted (only 1 hotel out of 6 accepts clients with his pets). In all cases, always remember this: always attach the identification plate to the cat's sleeve. An angry and angry animal always escapes quickly!

By car

Even for a short trip it is always preferred to use a kennel or cage. However, the cat is calm and reliable, you can always keep an exception: the can will always be able to sit on the knees of the passengers, but the kennel must always be within reach.

If used, the kennel must be positioned so that sudden break, stop or trigger does not cause a fall. Above all, never place a cat in a suitcase, nor should it be left in the vehicle without sufficient air circulation or excessive sunlight, which could endanger its exhaustion. If the journey lasts for several hours, give him water and let him come back from time to time when nature calls. It is better to let him feed too much before leaving, which could cause illnesses from the car. Some cats are subject to this, so it is always prudent to consult with your vet, who prescribes a drug that is predominantly harmful and does not cause drowsiness. If your cat is really irritated, feels uncomfortable or annoyed but is not vomiting, your cat will need a soothing remedy.

By train or bus

Train and bus companies generally do not accept cats unless they are in kennels. Some of them, however, allow passengers to keep their cat on a leash. Fees are usually minimal, consult with companies earlier.

In the airplane

For cats weighing less than 5 kilograms (slightly more than 10 pounds), the cabin stay is allowed if they are in the breeding station. However, each airline has its own rules and may not exceed a certain number of animals permitted on an aircraft. We need to plan to get a seat on board. The cats are traveling in cats at kennels that can be booked or purchased from the airline. The load is heated and pressurized, so your cat will travel under good conditions. Still, he will suffer slowly without the presence of his master. In this case, it is better to give him reassuring remedies to calm his anxiety.

Consult with your airline for the fees included with the ticket price.


Ships are usually not well equipped for animal transport. Animals usually travel in cages. In some boats, animals in the cabin are tolerated. For a small cruise on the sea, such as a ferry, you can generally use a portable breeding station. Again, there are no rules, it is best to consult the company. It is usually an advantage to get the boat instead of the others. Your cat will be able to board the boat with his master. The disadvantage, however, is the longer voyage and sea trouble that most cats are late.

Foreign travel

Whether it's Rome, Vienna, or Athens before your cat gets to a foreign country, you need to know what vaccinations and papers the country requires.

It is good to know that Air France has a database of information that reflects the formalities that need to be met in any country. If not, you can always consult the embassy or consulate of the country concerned.

Most of the time your cat will have the latest health certificate provided by a qualified veterinarian. Some documents that prove that your cat is not rabbit may also be necessary.

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Travel and Savings: There is no longer a dream with air travel deals

There was a time when air travel was considered luxury. At present, however, there is no longer any problem with the increase in the number of flights available to any part of the world. In today's world, air transport has become such an important part of every person's life that it is inconceivable to imagine the world without it. And with the advent of air transport at its current level, it is to be expected that there will be unique niches of untapped potential. This is where the airlines have settled. Most people nowadays always consider offers on the move that are easily available on the Internet and elsewhere than they even order.

However, looking at the current level of economic crisis that the world is going through, it is natural that the travel costs of the airline would also increase. This is where it is most important to consider hidden stores. The first thing is to be ready to change the data based on the price. Holidays like Easter and Christmas are bound to generate more air travel, which means higher travel costs. Be prepared to go a few days before the scheduled deadline to save money. If you are looking for travel insurance for an airline, be prepared to be a bit flexible.

Travel insurance is not dependent only on dates. If you want to save those precious money, be prepared to go. Look for flights to the secondary airport. More often than not, they are not often frequented by many people for obvious reasons, so you can usually get good deals for them. Additionally, it may be a good idea to adjust the goal when you are deciding for a holiday outside of your country. Choose to visit places not visited by other travelers. Not only will it help you avoid those unpleasant crowds, it also gives you a good chance of saving on funds that can be used elsewhere.

Be careful with good shops. Remember that there is something called a frequent flying program that is always available. Most of us could choose to ignore, but it remains a point that some of the best flight deals are about how well you are with your finances. Let's be honest. No one wants to spend on something that can be obtained for free. Make use of all your card expenses. Most banks provide a good travel contract with them. There are even certain forums on the internet that highlight which paths to make most free miles. In fact, it has been seen that people who spend most of these bonus tracks in the long run are usually the least. If you think it might be expensive at first, but when it really starts to pay back, these free miles are worth their weight in gold.

Are you a student? Be sure to sign up for the student discounts available. You may not realize it, but the amount of discounts they actually provide may be considerable. Another aspect to keep in mind when searching for airlines is that the choice of comparators and search engines has a lot of issues. In most cases, they do not provide fair reviews because almost everyone has links with an airline. Not only that; relatively little popular is not even a list of all international airlines. Apply to global search engines and then compare several to see the lowest price. You never know when you could hit the jackpot.

Finally the book soon. Almost all airlines offer discounts if you book a flight earlier. Remember, the "early bird gets a worm". There is, of course, no alternative to dedication. If you really want to, you can undoubtedly save on some serious cash while traveling. Bon cruise.

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Travel Tips – Packing light for a carefree trip

Travel tips in travel books and travel websites often recommend travelers to "wrap the light". In my experience, these sources of travel information do not go far enough. If you are a budget passenger, you definitely can not be the owner of hotels, taxi drivers or other people who will pay you luggage. It is likely that you will be dragging them yourself – through the airport, via subway systems, buses and airport shuttle services and across city streets.

It can not be overestimated that overweight can be the difference between a fantastic, exciting travel experience and an exhausting experience that you can not wait until the end. If your luggage is heavy, you think you will not be able to carry your luggage down one street than the memory and sounds of this exotic environment. My years traveling in Europe, mainly by airplane, train, bus, metro system and on foot, taught me a few things. Ignite your luggage, the lighter your heart.

Travel light does not mean lifting traditional trunks. The trunks themselves provide more weight and the suitcases are hard to wear. I found that holding a large object behind the handle, its weight hanging down at the end of the arm is the fastest way to the shoulder and back pain. Moving light also does not mean that a suitcase with small wheels is pulled out of the bottom. Spend a few minutes watching the tourists trying to keep control of this type of unstable suitcase when they climb and snap to one side and see what I mean.

The travel light does not mean it should be a mostly overpacked backpack. If you do not want to have any serious prospect of wilderness and camping in nature, where you have zero access to the shops, forget about the crowded backpack. Why do you pull a heavy backpack in the London wilderness when there are shops on every corner where you can throw everything you need?

So what should good budget travelers carry and how should they carry them? My advice is that you wear one small backpack in the style of the day. This can be done if you think that before you pack and if you make logical decisions about what you really can and can not live without, and what you have to absolutely deliver to the target versus what you can easily highlight as soon as you arrive .

For example, if you regularly take prescription medication, it is obvious that you will need sufficient supply with you. Keep a spare and keep it on so you do not need panic if your package gets a thief. Make sure you have the prescription yourself to prove that you are actually transporting prescription drugs if you have been stopped by customs or security personnel. It is even better if you have a prescription that carries only the brand name of a medicine but also its chemical name if you need to tell a pharmacist, doctor or customs office in a country where your own language is not spoken.

If you travel to a warm, tropical site, you carry a bottle of sunblock – but buy a bottle that contains the amount you expect for the duration of your journey. Do not move with a large-sized container, two-thirds of which will come back with you. As a rule for all kinds of toilets, carry (or buy on arrival) small pipes, bottles and boxes contain just enough for the trip. Do not move around the weight that you are going back home with, or you just end up with a bottle of tanning cream that boasts neighbors on a medicine cabinet shelf in Tahiti.

If two people travel together, whether they are part of one family or are friends who share a lifetime adventure, take between them only one toilet. Of course, you have separate toothbrushes, but pack only one cloth, such as deodorant and soap, and then share them. Half of the weight of the toilet will be removed simply by not carrying duplicate types of items and believing that such items really contribute to the volume and weight of your luggage.

Ask yourself if you can live without accessories such as cosmetics, perfumes and jewelry. Their combined weight and weight can be added quickly. Try a more natural look on your trip. This saves you time of day as well as saves daily stress on your arm and back muscles. As an extra bonus, the less stylish and shy, the less likely you will be to reach the target of the thief.

Forget about electrical appliances and electronic devices. You can live without a hair dryer or electric razor and save not only the weight of these appliances, but also an extra load of adapters that suit overseas outlets and electric currents. Wear instead a lightweight compact razor or just let your beard grow. You can decide later that it suits you and you decide to keep it! If you plan to fly, do not bother with the razor blades or manicure scissors. They are no longer allowed on airplanes, so they need to be purchased locally if needed and then properly disposed of before you leave home. I always thought it practical to carry a small sewing kit for emergency repairs, but that does not mean a whole set of full-color thread coils. One needle plus one small coil of pale thread and one of the dark threads together in a small bag.

Keep clothes at the absolute minimum. Observe one basic suit that is comfortable, casual and not slightly crumpled. Add some extra light tops and a pair of socks and underwear that can be repeatedly rinsed in hotel rooms. A single sweater or sweatshirt for cool evenings and a thin plastic umbrella poncho and you should be set up.

By attaching one small backpack to a person there are other benefits that you will soon appreciate. You do not have to check bags at the airport and you risk losing them, you do not need to endlessly load and unload trucks at airports or train stations and count your luggage to make sure no one appears and everything is close and easily available. Carrying only one backpack will also look less like rich tourists and then you will have less likelihood of feeling like a pocket or handbag when you move around the city's streets and underground systems. Travel light and you can reduce the load of your muscles and leave you more energy and a greater appetite for true experiences in the wonderful places you are visiting. Travel light and you will probably travel happily.

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Travel was easy for seniors

Many people postpone traveling until they are older. They want to be more stable, financially safer and more mature than traveling. Unfortunately, traveling can be challenging for seniors. Weak knees, bladder problems, bad eyes and hearing can all cause travel a bit more difficult and a little less pleasant. Here are some tips for easier travel for seniors:

1. Get the right luggage.

Baggage with free rotating wheels, which changes in any way, can make a huge difference for the elderly. If you have something you have to wear, you may find yourself in pain, with arthritic joints screaming at you. Good luggage that fits into an overhead vessel can be easily moved and easy to recognize makes traveling easier.

2. Plan ahead.

Go to your doctor and make sure you are healthy enough to travel. Talk to your doctor about all possible concerns.

Complete all regulations. You do not want to be out of town and exhaust the life-saving treatment you need.

Make sure your legal documents are fine. It is a security measure, but it can provide peace of mind.

Enter the list of contacts, the medications you have on, etc. Make a photocopy as well as all the travel documents and keep it with you

Call to make sure that airlines, hotels, car service, etc. have everything you would need, such as wheelchairs, elevated toilets, increased safety features, special meals, etc.


What you bring is really important for the success or failure of your trip. For example, if you have incontinence, bring change of clothing and some absorbent products and hygiene products to help you go through long flights, limited breaks in the bathroom and not hygienic conditions (depending on where you are traveling). difference. Packaging toiletries, a few clothes, medications and everything else that is essential to your continued use. In this way, if your luggage were lost, you could still enjoy your travel car while waiting for your bags.


Find Out Where There Are Bathrooms – This reduces the number of accidents and helps you to be more confident.

Know what shoes you should wear. The right shoes will help you pass through the rocky terrain and provide comfort during long walks.

Plan your medications properly. This is especially important when traveling outside the country, as it may be difficult to get a prescription filled when you are not close to your doctors.

Consider a bus tour through hiking trips if you have difficulty in traveling. the list could go on, the reality is if you want your trip to go well, a plan for eventuality. You know what age-related concerns you have and plan them properly.

5. Get travel insurance.

You'll have more peace of mind if you get travel insurance. If you slit and fall and break your loins or you have a life-threatening life, you will not lose your life savings and the lives that you would avoid from a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. If your luggage gets lost during transport, you will be able to get new clothes and toiletries to get in the way. This removes worries and is usually very affordable.

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Can you really travel for FREE?

There are very important reasons why tourism is looking for reliable travel coordinators. One of the main reasons is "international travel safety" has become a major problem.

The travel industry has long provided a way to help Americans travel safer. Again, it is an old old way of traveling. Even rail trains traveling west were not exempt from this method.

Group Travel

Agencies are looking for Travel Dependency; I mean coordinators all the time. I think you wonder why the Travel Agency is looking for travel coordinators? Most people would say it would be a travel agent's job. Poorly! Most travel agents often do not. They are busy booking travel for their clients. Money is losing every time you leave your office or computer. Its travel co-ordinators, who often travel.

Traveler addicts are people who organize their lives for last minute accommodation. Travelers drug addicts usually pay rent or mortgage, however 401K or any savings or investment of any kind are the subject of financial travel at any given moment.

A group travel coordinator would have the following attributes: dedication, love traveling, glad people have confidence in marketing themselves and their destinations, catch the attention to detail, love for coordination and can use common sense, then qualify for free travel [19659002] This opportunity works best when you start as a hobby and turn it into a part-time job, then to a full-time job. It is not necessary to think about the wheel again – do what others have done before you. I know a retiree who has been selling exotic Caribbean travel annually. The word was taken by mouth because people really enjoyed themselves and now they do not have to work from 9 to 5 jobs. The Commission pays BIG each year from a reservation of 300 to 500 people per year to a five-star resort on the islands.

I suppose you're wondering how the travel coordinator is just starting to call for FREE? Easily when you book 6 people or 15 people or any number that is found in the entire Travel Dealer; one person goes for free.

Example: Let's say you have 9 people wanting to go to China. At the wholesale price you have 15% profit, plus one free hotel and air if you register 6 people. Your mother and father, your sister and cousin, your girlfriend and her husband want to go and the lady in the church wants to go. And when another lady in church found out from Pastor that Mrs. J was going, she decided to go. (Your husband said that if he wanted to see China, he would go to Chinatown!) So now you have 8 people, 9 yourself. You get one free travel card and you can decide to lower the price per package for the last minute because you do not need an additional 15% surcharge or you can leave it in case of an emergency during the trip or you can use it to market another trip. It's up to you!

Travel Coordinator Trivia. If you see a problem with the above group of trips, then you really understand group travel. Think about how you would handle the situation described above before a problem arises.

Source by Cassandra A. Ingraham

How to save money on travel

Let's be honest, who does not want to travel at least once a year? Learn new cultures, explore beautiful places and meet new people. Once it sounds funny, your money department may not have the ability to support your wandering. It's easy for you to travel when you have a great job and you can afford to spend money on luxurious activities such as traveling. What if you are a student? Or someone who has difficulty managing your expenses?

Here are some simple tips on how to save money on travel:

1. Create a list of your monthly expenses

Once you have a clear idea of ​​how much money you spend on monthly fixed expenses, it's easy to find out how much money you can periodically postpone.

2. Realistic Amount

Set the amount you want to store on a regular basis and keep it. Do not set too high, because you never know when unexpected spending suddenly arises. Just post a piece that's realistic for you. If you have your savings account associated with a bank account that would be great. Just set up multiple savings accounts specifically for each purpose; for example, name them as traveling, car, house or urgency. Set up a fixed month each month, when your bank account funds are automatically transferred to your savings account. If it's impossible for you to set up several savings accounts, just have one savings account where you can set a limit how much you can download. But do not use money from you to save your account if it is not URGENT.

3. Limiting a trip or eating

If you think about it, going out or eating you costs a lot of money, especially if you do it once a week. You can easily spend about $ 50 on food or drinks a week, it might seem right for some people, but why do not you spend that $ 50 on a ticket to the Philippines or Greece for example

4. Receiving from another place

If you get the opportunity to make extra money for children who sit at your neighbors, just do it! Even if the salary is not high, at least you will have an extra income. So why not?

5. Use Economical Jug

If you have some extra coins or cash, just put them in a piggy bank. Make sure you buy one where you can not easily make money out. If you are creative, you can even create your own jar store that might look more attractive and motivate you to put money into it. There are many DIY videos on YouTube about how one. You will be surprised how much money you can save in a year, it will not be much, but it's his efforts.

I hope these tips will help you save money for your wandering!

Source by Sanket Kamble

Confused with all the information on traveling on the Internet?

Many travel information is currently available on the Internet. There are online travel sites for cruises, hotels, air, trains and any other type of travel. But what is the right product for you? Is the hotel location where you want to be? Is the room or cab type right for you? Is it a cruise line that you should book? Not all products are created equally, nor are products suitable for everyone. How do you say that?

There are a few articles, and even the President of the United States, said that travel agencies do not exist or leave. In this way, they are right. Travel agency in the past was just someone who booked a trip for someone who called or came to the office of the travel agent's office. Travel agents in a department store are few and far between today, as most "travel agents" have gone home to work. Even the term "travel agency" is gone because what they are doing now is different from what they did before.

Travel Agents / Travel Consultants

Travel agents are now more advisers and consultants, Professionals or Travel Consultants. Even tourism seeks to escape the term "travel agency". They just book a trip for someone knows more than what is available to the client's client. Passengers are constantly learning, constantly traveling, receiving information from other travel professionals about where they travel and are the source of what is needed to travel for days.

When you use an online travel agency like Expedia, Travelocity, etc., you can not protect someone's back. Book your travel car and then you are quite alone. Let's say your flight is canceled, who reserves a substitute flight? You are, not them. If you are using a travel professional, it will be a professional traveler. If something goes wrong on your way if your booked room is not what you think it will be, who does it right? The travel professional will also constantly check the price drop before the final payment and whether the new promotions offered would be more profitable than what was deposited with the deposit.

A travel professional has been working with you since you talked to him for the first time until you were safe and healthy at home and all problems were solved or solved

It costs more to use a professional traveler

This is not always true. It is true that some travel professionals charge fees, but not all of them do. This is because some retailers, such as airlines and some hotels, do not pay a commission, or some vendors have reduced the amount of commission paid to a travel professional. To meet the goals, some travel professionals charge fees. I miss $ 50 per person for domestic airline booking and $ 100 for booking international air transport. The hotel fee will also be charged for the same reason or if I individually submit the individual parts of the trip together. If I book a cruise or tour, I do not charge a fee because the seller is paying my commission. Do not forget that you are using a travel agency or you do not pay a commission because it is automatically included in the price from the vendor. So why not use travel professionals and avoid difficulties and save time

Traveling rules are constantly changing and travel professionals are able to keep their clients on their way

Examples: Passports

For example, you know you are coming in January 2016 maybe you need a passport for air travel on the domestic market? This is due to the law called REAL ID Act. This requires all passengers to have a REAL ID that includes all the following fields: full legal name, signature, date of birth, gender, unique identification number, home address, and photograph of the applicant's leading photographer. Unfortunately, there are still many countries that are not in line. Do you know which countries are compatible and which are not? Your travel professional is doing it to you. By the way, the totally inappropriate states / territories are American Samoa, Louisiana and New Hampshire. States in Minnesota and New York offer optional enhanced identification at a price, because it is optional, a large percentage of the population does not have one. Some states have requested further enlargements, but it is not clear whether they will be granted. At present, only four states (Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire and New York) and American Samoa are technically unsuitable.

Also, we do not know if the date will be 1 January 2016, or will it be later? Because of this law, the passage time for everyone will be affected. All passports issued in 2006 that meet the Western Hemisphere Travel initiative, which came into force in 2007, will now expire, causing a huge recovery. So, due to these restorations, along with possible REAL ID recovery, we are expecting a further prolongation of the waiting times. Starting on 11 October, the current waiting period is extended by one week to four to six weeks for standard passports and three weeks for speeding. Personally abbreviated may be up to eight days based on traveling needs.

In the end, the REAL ID Act will require all state licensed drivers to include "machine-readable technology" or chips to help us maintain travel safety and security. For more information on the REAL ID Act, visit

This passport is recommended for cruises as well as traveling outside the United States. The reason is, if you need to fly back to the United States from the foreign port you have at your disposal. Just because you are on a cruise ship leaving a US port, you technically travel internationally as soon as you are on board, because most ships are registered outside of the United States!

Example: Visas

A travel professional can help you determine if visas require a way where you want to go. If they do not know for sure, they know where to send you this information and get confirmation that you do or do not need this kind of journey. For example, for most voyages, if you leave the US port and return to the same US port, you probably do not need a visa to visit the ports. This is called a "closed loop". But again, most cruises. Always verify if someone is needed.

Example: Travel Insurance

Again, all travel insurance is not the same. Should you buy travel insurance? Absolutely!!! I recommend my clients not to buy travel insurance for the most part from the vendor of the cruise or product. The reason for coverage is not as complex as third party policies. Travel insurance is not only purchased for delays in travel, baggage loss / damage or protection against cancellation. Some health insurance companies do not cover you when traveling outside the United States. Medicare us. Travel insurance will work as your primary health insurance as you travel from the moment you leave the time you return to your home. It also provides emergency evacuation for health reasons and protects you from other items. Always read the policies and information provided by the travel insurance issuer to find out what's covered. Your travel professional will know who is a good travel insurance issuer.

Source by Elaine M Sklom

Travel tips for your family

Having kids does not mean you have to stop traveling. Although many families are still waiting for children to have a certain age or leave them with other relatives to go on long journeys, the tendency to take children with them is on the rise. Great news if we take into account that Spain has always been in line with family trips in Europe. Up to now, a large majority has preferred Spanish coasts or camps to enjoy the summer. And although both plans are very decent, they are not children who cross our wings and travel the world.

Find a destination that suits the smallest

Travel with your family

There are many countries, great attractions for children. Water parks, attractions, motifs, animals, hotels with activities for them or places visited by other families where our children can meet more children. Try to find common activities according to their age and alert them. For example, in Asia it is good to imagine snorkeling them and enjoy the seabed. In the jungle you can see different kinds of animals, zip lines or sports games.

Choose direct routes

If you are traveling by plane, avoid flights having scales. If they are, then they are not too long. Try, moreover, that plans are good for children and that they do not break their biorhythm. During the trip they feel at the windows, so you can go into context with the landscape and have another distraction. If there is a night flight, do not forget to ask the steward for a blanket and a pillow. The more rest they reach the goal, the better they will feel. If the trip is long, we recommend giving them some fun. Some companies have the leaves and pictures that take you away, including painting drawings and magazines, where you can use maps of the last pages that show them geography.

Includes basic

Depending on the country you are traveling to, it will be comfortable to carry everything your children need. Better leave nothing to improvise, especially in pharmaceuticals. Always wear the first aid kit manually. You never know if you can find medicines easily or at what price.

Do not be afraid

Many families realize that they do not have children with them because of fear of something happening. But there are many countries that are safer than ours. If you travel alone or as a couple, there will be no crime, why would this happen to our children? What's more, take the kids with us to open the door. In some countries in Asia or Africa families are very numerous, so they will be happy to help you, meet you and maybe your children will end up with ours.

Slow down

Although they look unstoppable during the day and have more energy than we do, babies are usually tired before. Avoid long journeys full of visits, museums, meals made up of something quick and want to push the trip to the summit. Learn to enjoy the relaxed pace, with longer breaks, so that children have time to eat and relax. The days are over and you may have seen fewer things but you will enjoy them longer.

Edit your plans

Depending on the age, the child will have predetermined habits. Even though you are in another part of the world and you feel that time does not exist, it is best not to change them. Try to make different meals at the same time as to sleep as you need or if you are in bed at certain times. This prevents fatigue leading to seizures and that eventually it will be for any inconvenient situation.


Depending on your age you will need more or less things. If your child does not go, then the question arises: Baby carrier or backpack? The only answer is fate. If you travel to a city where the streets are paved and it is easy to bypass them, then you can afford to take a chair. If you plan on hiking in the mountains, visiting old villages or doing outdoor activities, then the most comfortable thing is the child's carriage. During the trip, you will find that many parents have chosen this option. Forget the bed, change tables or other items. Many hotels already count.

Source by Alisha Ahmed

5 Best Budget Travel Places

Traveling with the budget is so enriching. Who needs 5-star hotels, elegant restaurants and expensive accessories? I have found that my favorite holiday spots are close to home, right on American soil. Since I had such a positive experience, I wanted to share a few favorite places with you. Even though I did not have to clean up my savings account or go for these "for the budget" of one of the various destinations, it was worth every penny I spent. Here are 5 of my best places to travel, whether you have a budget or not.

1. Arizona

This American hot spot is a fantastic place to get where you get there. We all know the power of experiencing the Grand Canyon, but there is so much more. Whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter, Arizona will get a great atmosphere and great atmosphere from me. It can get really hot, so pack some casual clothes. because if you are like me, the best place to be, is out there. The state has done a great job in creating hiking trails, botanical gardens, camps, outdoor excursions and other excursions that love nature. The state is full of large cities and small towns full of art, culture and history, and delicious food. For example, Tucson, Arizona is full of southwest and Mexican heritage. There is very little or no entry price that sees places like Sabino Canyon and Saguaro National Park, and then you are moving to Sedona, Arizona, where you can see 100 plus art galleries and events that happen all the time. There are amazing sites to see if you are an art enthusiast or not.

2. Baltimore, MD

I have visited Baltimore many times and it's by far one of my favorite places to see. The seafood is fresh and tasty, just like any fare in the city and for those of us with a budget worth the dollar a long way. Crab pairs are like others in the world. The National Aquarium is beautifully located directly on the Baltimore Harbor and the day spent there is a well-spent day. Beautiful, family-friendly sights, scents and sounds are unique! Harborplace and Gallery is close to the harbor and offers great shopping and dining options where you can choose what's appropriate for your wallet and taste. Depending on the time of year (remember that Baltimore is cold in winter) there is also free entertainment. The American Museum of Visionary Art is a short journey from the harbor. They charge a fee to get inside, but the building itself and the property is full of sculptures and art that you can see for free. And there are so many other museums that you can visit during your stay in this family town.

3. Hershey, PA

Hershey, Pennsylvania has become one of the most famous destinations in our country and offers as many free and cheap services. There is a world-class theme park, infamous day spa that can be expensive, but there are also many memorable, affordable things. Hershey Chocolate World is a ride that is at Hershey Park, but it is completely free. It is a wonderful historical ride that is both pleasant and uplifting. If you are traveling with children, you get a free-of-charge candy pattern at the end of the ride, where you are dropped directly into the gift shop. There is also a Hershey cart, which takes you around the city, with kisses in the shape of kisses on the streets. It was started by Milton Hershey when he planned the city and continues to this day … worthwhile. If you have time (and I would recommend time to do) visit ZooAmerica, Hershey Gardens, Milton Hershey School and other fantastic museums are located in Hershey, PA.

4. Dallas, TX

In a city known for everything, the cost of visiting is not that bad. We had a bit of adventure, so we booked the PASS city, which offered discounted rates to some of the city's most popular attractions. We could not have hit them all but we saw the George W. Bush Library and Museum and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Pretty cool to add a small culture to your vacation. My travel partners enjoy a visit to zoos, so we went to the amazing zoo in Dallas and met two beautiful African elephants and fed a giraffe. There are so many family-oriented events and presentations in this zoo, you may have to stay for more than a day. The Dallas Farmers Market is a must see marketplace. Food, vendors, and an unforgettable experience are like no other market I've ever visited. If you go, catch the taco in La Ventana or the pork on El Mero Mero. I have to mention the Trinity River Audubon Center for all the tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. This urban hardwood forest is escaping from the city to special Texas.

5. Nashville, TN

Nashville, home country music, US history and so much to see and do. First of all, you must see for all the reasons that you have to see is the Country Music Hall of Fame and the infamous Grand Ole Opry. Only the view of these famous buildings is to be seen. When you get to country music, go to the beautiful university campuses of Vanderbilt University and Belmont University or go to the Adventure Science Center or Belmont Mansion and spend the afternoon learning something new. The area is full of history and tradition and is an ideal place to enjoy outdoors. And we did not mention Nashville's food either. Nashville must be a melting pot of the kitchen. There is every way of a fare to satisfy any floor. My favorites have been found on food trucks that offer fast, tasty and budget food on the move. If you have a cake area, I recommend peach or pecan.

Source by Douglas Helal

Prepare for long-term travel

Preparation for long-term travel

Traveling abroad is an art. It requires the intellect it plans, the courage to accept, and perseverance to endure. When planning your dream trip, you have to go through a fine line between too analytical and not-blissful ignorance (summer in Sudan, someone?).
Cryptocurrencies fluctuate wildly in value. If you’ve been following Bitcoin since last fall, you could see the value of one bitcoin with less than $ 5,000 in early October 2017, peaked more than $ 19,000 in December, and gradually returned to the $ 6000 range today, according to CoinDesk.
For transactions involving money, companies are looking for more stable cryptocurrencies, with all blockchain tracking advantages of crypto, minus volatility and lost value and time in the conversion process. IBM is a company that tries to prove what is called a “stablecoin” solution, meaning its value is based on the value of the US dollar at a given time.

The 107-year-old legacy technology company has in recent years used blockchain, which underlies cryptocurrencies, for applications such as a cross-border payment network, tracking luxury goods such as diamonds and more.
There are a few things you should consider before booking your travel and the most important thing will be to decide where and when to go.

Where to Go

After working in cubic and daydreaming about traveling around the world, most people already have a pretty good idea where they want to go. It is a personal choice and there are amazing places you can see and experience all over the world. If you want your systems to pay for your travel, your budget is the main factor in deciding where to go.

How Many World Costs

These numbers assume a few things. First, you travel slowly (no more than one out of every four days). Secondly, you will stay in clean, basic accommodation facilities. While it is certainly possible to rent a room in Cambodia with a capacity of $ 3, most people who grow up enough to run a business want a bit more comfort. A bar / lounge is open for drinks. Room service is available during limited hours. Room service is available during limited hours. Recreational amenities include an indoor pool, a spa tub, a sauna, and a steam room.

about Southeast Asia: $ 50

o United Kingdom and Ireland: USD 100

about Australia and New Zealand: $ 80

o South America: $ 55

about Africa: $ 60

o Western Europe: $ 90

o Eastern Europe: 65 USD

o The Indian Subcontinent: $ 40

o Japan: $ 90

As you can see, spending can be very reasonable, much more reasonable than the costs you can currently pay home. However, you will want to travel somewhere that your systems can afford.

You can quickly run home and live better if you visit third world areas such as Southeast Asia and India. Although we have visited the United Kingdom several times, my wife and I are still a long way to live in London! There is another stronger reason why the Third World originally appeared: a new perspective. It is likely that if you are reading this, you are likely to be educated in the Western world. When you board this plane you will undoubtedly be ready to change and the transition from the first to the third world will be as open as the transition from the worker to the entrepreneur.

All in all, their calculations were quite close to my personal experience.

Money saving tips

These are some tips I have learned from working as a travel agent and personal experience. There are many, many ways to break down your budget:

o Buy tickets in advance or at the last minute. So many people rise above the rise in flight costs when they buy a damn thing that month and save the package. Here is my rule about budget travel: Buy tickets forward if you know where you want to go, buy last minute, if not. For example, in San Francisco, there is currently a special three-hundred-dollar discount for the last minute. Do you plan to go to Hungary? No, but when the opportunity comes, you should take it.
The service is excellent, offers comfort and convenience, but does not always offer everyone’s travel budget. The standard ‘Express’ ticket for one fare costs ? 21.00 (€ 25.00 / $ 35.00), but business travelers can get a better price when buying a return ticket, priced at ? 34.00 (€ 40.00). 00 / $ 56.00). The ‘Business First’ ticket is more expensive, with singles costing ? 29.00 (€ 35.00 / $ 48.00) and ? 52.00 (€ 62.00 / $ 86.00), but it offers business travelers significantly more legroom, the privacy of a ‘single’ seat layout and a fold-out table. The experience is similar to that of air travel. All passengers in both price structures have access to outlets, USB ports and free Wi-Fi. The overall quality of the service and passenger experience generates a ‘wow’ factor, and if your budget can afford it, this is certainly the smoothest, fastest and most convenient way to travel from Heathrow to London. Trains run regularly every fifteen minutes in both directions, particularly handy for last minute dashes to the airport.
trivago flights
There are still two rail options available for business travelers, both considerably less expensive, although this is reflected in the quality of service. That does not mean that it is not a good solution for business travelers, only that there is a noticeable difference in convenience and comfort.
airline tickets
With a service typically running every 30 minutes and a travel time – depending on the time of day – from 23 to 27 minutes from terminals 1, 2 and 3, Heathrow Connect is more than adequate for business travelers in no hurry. Just like the rival Express service, Connect also arrives at Paddington station, but unlike its faster rival, it stops at up to five other stations before it reaches its end point. The ‘inconvenience’ of this less direct journey is compensated by a considerably less expensive ticket price. A single ticket costs ? 9.90 (€ 12.00 / $ 16.00), while a return is ? 19.80 (€ 24.00 / $ 32.00). It is not possible to keep a return ticket. Although the convenience and comfort of the travel experience does not fit the Express, the Connectic Business Travel solution is an acceptable compromise that is suitable for a larger number of travel budgets.
travel sites for flights
The third – and least expensive – rail option is the ‘metro’ network of the London underground. Despite the name of the network, the bulk of Heathrow’s journey is above ground, until the business traveler comes to central London. From the Piccadilly Line, the service connects all five Heathrow terminals and provides frequent trains to London, stopping at a significant number of remote stations before arriving at the center of the capital. This constantly ‘interrupted’ journey – there are seventeen stops between Heathrow terminals 1, 2 and 3 and Paddington Tube station (the nearest equivalent tube end point for a fair comparison) – and takes about 50 minutes of travel time on average, considerably slower than its more direct rivals. This travel comparison also requires the inconvenience of a transfer between lines.
cheapest airline tickets possible
So why should the business traveler consider using Heathrow in central London? Simple. The frequency of service, range of destinations and costs. At a cash price of only ? 5.70 (€ 6.80 / $ 9.50) for a single journey in both directions during rush hour (6:30 am to 9:30 am), the metro is financially an attractive option . With nearly half the price of the Heathrow Connect, and with just over a quarter of the price of the Heathrow Express, this service offers a comparable good price-performance ratio. Further value can be found if the business traveler buys an ‘Oyster Card’, the ‘cashless’ electronic ticketing system that is so popular with so many Londoners. This handy option is available for purchase at London Heathrow underground stations. With this handy option you can get tickets cheaper than for cash. In this case a discount of only ? 5.00 (€ 6.00 / $ 8.30). Riding downhill with an Oyster Card offers even more value, with Heathrow going to Paddington in both directions costs just ? 3.00 (€ 3.60 / $ 5.00) per ride. The Oyster Card can also be used for unlimited travel with buses and trains throughout London, with maximum daily costs with a maximum of ? 17.00 (€ 20.00 / $ 28.00) peak time and only ? 8.90 (€ 10.60 / $ 15.00) for a ticket with six zones (destinations in London are divided into six large zonal rings.) Traveling from Heathrow to Central London crosses all six zones).

About Slum’s, then go out. My wife and I traveled all over Ireland without stopping at the bank, and yet we stayed in a good breakfast bed (including an old Irish castle). How did we do that? Simple: every night in a great location we spent two nights. Once we came to our room for the night, we cleaned up and had a good time. The next morning we set out and walked down the road. After this approach, you only have a shower for one day …

o Change your drinking habits. One of my greatest difficulties with the tourist writers is their stupidity that you should sacrifice cold beer in the name of savings. There are much better ways to save the dollar when traveling. What you should avoid is the poles. You can drink cold beer or local spirits for cheap bottles (or strangely, 7-11). I found out that I would like to buy a Guinness can in Thailand for what’s behind the house! It is true that it was an Irish pub on St. John’s Day. Patrick, but come …

Health: Avoiding Problems


are leaving for a trip. Several vaccinations require three or four visits, which are two to three weeks apart. Here’s a short list of the most common vaccinations that are required (or highly recommended) for global travel:

o Hepatitis A and B. (If possible, get a combined vaccine)

about Japanese encephalitis

o Polio, Diphtheria and Tuberculosis

about Rabie

o Tetanus

o Typhoid


While there are no malaria vaccines, there are many anti-malarial tablets that you can use to fight the disease (although none of them are 100% effective). Contact your doctor to find out which medicine is right for you. Learn more at

To get these vaccinations, visit a local travel agency or talk to your doctor. If you are currently employed, check if your benefits are related to vaccination. During the vaccination I saved more than $ 700 due to the health insurance provided by my previous employer.


As for food, I say a few simple rules:

1. Eat in restaurants with lots of people and turn high, probably means that the food is fresh.

2. Eat cooked food. Try to avoid any raw vegetables and raw fish. Fruits and vegetables that you can dig up are safer options. Consider taking vitamin tablets if you do not get enough fruit and vegetables.

3. Do not overfill. If you touch contaminated food on your face, you will feel much worse than eating a smaller portion. The only two times I was abroad was shortly after a meal with three or four meals on a high steak.


Depending on where you are traveling, you may need a water purification system. I use the Steripen Adventurer UV light cleaner. Same size as a screwdriver, this wonder tool can clean one liter of water per minute with ultraviolet bulb and lithium batteries. Though it’s not cheap – retail is about $ 130 – Steripen is light and efficient. Keep in mind that it does not work with ice, which is a common cause of illness among travelers.

If you plan to buy bottled water over the sea, keep in mind that many traders fill the used water bottles with local water and sell them. If the plastic seal is broken – and this is often – you probably do not want to drink it.

Traveling diarrhea

Traveling diarrhea claims 30-50% of tourists abroad during the first two weeks and is often accompanied by returns. In other words, do not be surprised if you run out of both ends … it’s natural. Best thing to do? Take anti-diarrhea or antibiotics (rather than something that just turns you on), drink plenty of water, lie low and let good or bad time flow. Symptoms should disappear within a few days.

Binding Free Ties

Before you hit the road, you have to close the shop. While most of these steps are not necessary for short-term travel, they are necessary for long-distance wandering.

o Three – six months:

o Get a passport (if you do not have it).

o Reserve aircraft flights.

o Visit your doctor or travel agent to get the vaccination. Check to see if your employer’s insurance covers before termination!

o Identify how to handle your life situation. Consider renting a furnished living room. This saves you the trouble of storing your stuff and moves you one step closer to paying your mortgage. Most people who are interested in furnished accommodation have been working abroad for a year or more: ideal for your intentions.

o Book a doctor, doctor and optometrist for one month to make sure you have a clean state of health. This will give you time to handle all the voids before leaving.

o One month:

o Set the date of cancellation of all insurance policies, payment cards and other items.

o Close all unnecessary accounts (such as bank accounts and department store accounts).

o Sign up for online banking (if you do not already have one).

o Set the mailing address to a friend or P.O. Box in your name.

o Find someone who rents a car. Be sure to get insurance and prepare a car leasing contract.

o Go to dental surgeries, doctors and optometry.

o Get Travel Insurance

o Two Weeks Out:

o Inform your employer about two weeks.

o Send emails of passports, driving licenses, insurance policies, credit cards, and other important information you will need when you are away.

o Get your traveler’s checks and send security numbers to them.

o Tell your bank that you are shopping in a foreign country with your credit card.

o Sale of garage. If you fail to sell most of your stuff, you have another garage sale week. My wife and I made more than $ 1,500 a two-day job selling our goods a month in Southeast Asia. If you can not sell your stuff, look at the storage unit.

o Get a visa if it suits your first country

Remember that you do not need half what you think you are doing, the truism that applies to the crucial step in the preparation: packing for long-term travel.

What (Not) Packed

Before Departure: Create a list of items to be taken. You should include at most:


Driver’s license (if possible international)

Air and train tickets

Credit cards, travelers’ checks and US dollars

Photocopy of important documents

Youth hostel card

Diving certification (if any)

Passport Photos (1 or 2 Countries)


One small package


Good book

Pen and Notepad

Laptop and headphones for Skype

Two pairs of light pants

One pair of shorts

Three shirts (one for a ride)

1 pair of sandals

1 pair of shoes or boots


swimming suit (if available)


silk sleeping bag (no sleeping bag)

Sewing set

Nail scissors

Ear plugs

First aid kit

Swiss Army Knife

It will only bind you. Suppose, for example, that you buy a brand new digital camera ahead of you (you probably will). Sure, it’s a great way to prove your experience, but it values ​​you much more than you think.

You have to think twice about bathing in the ocean for fear that someone will steal it. Crossing the river could potentially destroy it. Foreigners are becoming potential threats.

And these are just tangible things. The worst and most common thing is that it prevents you from actually experiencing the place before you get to the camera. It effectively removes you from your surroundings and prevents you from reaching anything at all.

Why Einstein Was Bad – How to Travel

The theory of relativity states that time is slowing as speed increases. For example, imagine a friend who crosses the solar system in a spaceship while staying here on Earth. Einstein has shown that your buddy clock would seem to click slower than your own.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true when traveling. People who travel near the speed of light – or at least sound – are coming home, seemingly unaware of where they have just visited. Placement is no more than a check box on their route, which is not an experience to be enjoyed, but shows to others. They develop classics “If it is Tuesday, it must be Rome”. Speed ​​is not better, so you should not attempt to travel at the speed of light.

My advice is to travel at the speed of smell.

As I write, there is a large Vietnamese market located less than five meters away. The smell of the boom and the sounds of the locals are scattering, something I would not notice during a five-day whirlwind tour of Vietnam.

To truly experience your surroundings, you have to slow down. While guides offer hiking trips that allow you to “do” the city in a day, it takes much longer to “feel” it.

Somewhere along the track we’ve lost our waypoint. People visit pagodas, temples, churches, museums and art galleries that are not of personal interest but of some outstanding duty. If you are not interested in art, skip the Museum of Modern Art. If you do not like sports, forget about Superdome. Can not you see poverty first hand? He will not go to India.

It’s not about seeing the most admired sights. It’s about experiencing the ones that affect you most.

Your first two nights in the new region should be considered as a transitional period. Do not throw right into the mix; order the hotel before departure and stay for at least two nights. This will help you adapt to your new surroundings and sleep comfortably in the first days. Your first first nights should not concern travel plans, budget or any other logistics … just unplug and relax as the body adapts to new sights, smells and time zones.

Lunch at 4 pm? How To Deal With Jet Lag

There are several ways to fight the jet lag, a common problem among travelers. It will certainly hit some people heavier than others; it takes me over a week to adapt as my wife takes it. Here are some ways to fight jet lag:

o Do not eat. Studies have shown that the liver lasts longer than a new time zone adjusts than any other part of the body. Do not go for 12 hours or more to adapt your body much faster. If it seems too much, try eating for an hour of your destination a few days before departure (dinner at 10 am, someone?).

o Sunshine. The sun will help you set your day clock, so the more, the better. Exercise also helps.

o Pop some pills. There are other over-the-counter tablets that claim to help with jet lag. Although I do not have any personal experience with them, the few people I talked about swearing that they do not believe Jet Lag.

Stays in Touch

Now that you have relaxed your time and place, monitor your systems and stay in touch with loved ones. Here are some important tools for keeping your systems abroad.

Poste Restante

A great way to pick up home care packages. Get the main mail address in any city in which you are (or will be soon) and address your mail to the following:


Poste Restante, general post

City, Country

When you arrive at a post office simply enter your passport as an identification and you can claim your mail. In general, post offices around the world will have mail for up to two years.


A great way to keep in touch is to start a travel blog. You can do so through free services such as or; Both are free and can be set within minutes. By creating a travel blog, you can avoid sending group emails that are always compelling and generic. This way, people who really care about your trip can always look at you, get comments and engage other visitors to your blog.

Also, blogs give you much more creative freedom than sending emails. You can include pictures, videos, polls, international clocks, maps, and a host of other customizations, all of which provide a great notebook on the go.

Word of the Year: Wifi

Game name. As time goes by, Internet access will become more important, so you can also get used to evaluating “free internet” higher than equipment such as free breakfast, pool and massage. Make sure you can now create systems that apply to your lifestyle, with no employees. Without faxes, cabinets, commuter and water coolers … so sign in to your accounts and make sure that the money that comes does not seem too big a hindrance, is it?

Expect internet cafes to run at $ 1-2 USD per hour. If you think your business is based on the internet, you might want to consider traveling with your laptop depending on your goals.

Laptop: Luxury or Essential

If you intend to develop more systems when traveling, it is necessary. You will need to upload web pages to your site, make phone interviews with potential independent staff and track your expenses and revenue. If you intend only to track or expand existing systems, you can use Internet cafes, although working in the middle of Chinese computer players is not what it’s cracked to be.

Laptops also provide greater security. You do not know what kind of spyware (programs that remember your keyboard shortcuts for future use) may be on some random computer. To paraphrase sex editors, a trusted, monogamous relationship is one of the best ways to avoid viruses.

Mobile Phone

Although I personally do not use one, and can save you a lot of time if you need to call users who do not use Skype. For example, I spent thirty minutes searching for an international phone to call my bank for a two-minute phone call.


You can not go wrong with free international phone calls and Skype is exactly that. Get your friends and family home and sign up and chat over your laptop for free. More and more businesses are jumping on the train, although banks and credit card companies are still behind the curve.

Another feature that may be useful is the ability to divert calls from a US-based phone number to a mobile phone abroad. If you are processing customer service questions, it is worthwhile to enter your home number. After all, do you buy a product from a company that requires you to call East Timor with questions? Dragon Naturally Speaking

If it was not for this software, this book would never be written. In less than thirty dollars, you get a microphone, headset and the ability to dictate on your laptop. I’m able to “write” about 120 words per minute. Another bonus is that you can use a microphone and a Skype headset.

USB Card

The absolute basic tool. There will be times when you will not have access to the internet with a laptop and a practical USB will allow you to back up your work. allows you to access your home computer from any other computer in the world. If you hated traveling with a laptop, it’s a way. Just remember, you will have to pay for an Internet connection along the way, which is a better solution for short-term travel.

About World Electronics USA: Get information on global phones. A good explanation of what GSM frequencies and “bands” work in countries that determine the phone you buy for travel (and maybe home).

o Universal adapter: I bought adapters in several countries so we can power our digital camera and laptop, although it can be a problem if you explore several different regions. This universal adapter works all over the world.

about the World Electric Guide: This website is a life-saving approach to handling electronics abroad. It splits the voltage, power and number of other technical requirements by country.

Use what you’ve learned and go on the road!

Source by Thomas Pride